The Definite Recessed Lighting Trim Guide

One of the most important aspects of home design and decoration is lighting. Lighting can accentuate architectural faces, artwork or other objects providing the home owner has the right plan in place for lighting. Different colors and types of lighting can easily create different ambiances and modes in the home and property. Recessed Lighting offers a great way of doing that.

Architects and builders have been using recessed lighting for years for their remodeling and home design projects. Since the beginning recessed lighting solutions have evolved from a few basic formats to an array of styles, sizes and colors.

There are virtually no limitations as to what recessed lighting trim can be used for. It can create custom look and feels matching whatever decor the home owner has in mind.

Recessed lighting trim can therefor match the decorating scheme of the house and property while providing the functionality needed in the home or particular room that it is installed in. Different types of recessed lighting trim are available for purchase, like:

Open trims – This is the basic style of recessed lighting that consists of a simple trim around the opening of your lighting assembly. This trim can come in a variety of colors and finishes.

Reflector trims – Exactly as it sounds, this type of trim uses reflective surfaces to mirror light. This creates a brighter light in your home space and best used for areas where you work such as the kitchen, garage workspace or home office.

Then there are architectural trims that can provide a custom look for specific design elements of an area or room. They can be purchased from various vendors offering them or custom made in case none of the pre made solutions can be applied to the room or solution the home owner is looking for.

Baffle trims on the other hand are used in situations where a beam of light should be pointed in a specific direction. This is being achieved by reflectors that are located inside the lighting fixture that bundle and direct the light. They also reduce the glare of light that is normally emitting from the fixtures.

Adjustable or directional trim – What you need to know about this recessed lighting trim is that it is quite versatile. You can adjust the direction of the light beaming from it so that you can illuminate specific areas such as a reading nook or special art objects.

Additional recessed lighting trims are available including glass trims, pinhole trims, wall wash trims, shower trims or diffuser trims each designed for a specific purpose. Many options are available when selecting recessed lighting trims.

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