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Save valuable energy by automating your home’s lighting and appliance controls. Home Controls carries the top manufacturers, including Leviton, X10 Pro, Simply Automated and PCS PulseWorx. Choose from UPB, Z-Wave or X10 automation technologies.

Now, Home Controls is making it even easier to find the right lighting solution with an updated online Lighting & Appliance store, offering a wider selection of automation systems in easy-to-search categories. The new organization makes it easy for you to find the perfect system for your home!

EnOceanEnOcean Lighting & Appliance Controls: EnOcean RF wireless self-powered devices operate indefinitely without the use of batteries – and without the use of wires! The wireless devices are self-powered (no batteries required), drawing on kinetic energy to charge themselves each time the button is pushed. Plus, wireless technology means no new wiring is required. The EnOcean line includes multiple products that operate in the non-crowded 315 MHz band offering greater transmission range than other wireless technologies and minimal competitive traffic.

UPBUPB Lighting & Appliance Controls: Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) is a highly reliable, cost effective, 2-way communications technology which enables you to utilize existing powerlines for lighting and appliance controls. Home Controls offers a vast collection of UPB devices, including standard switches, in-wall controllers, dimmers, plug-in and wire-in modules and ton of configuration options. While other powerline technologies exist, none compares to UPB cost per node, reliability, and functionality.

X10X10 Lighting & Appliance Controls: X10 is a versatile communications technology that uses your house’s existing electrical wiring to remotely control lights, appliances, security systems, pools and much more. The X10 commands are sent from X10 transmitters to X10 receivers through standard household wiring. No new wiring required! Home Controls offers a vast collection of X10 devices, including standard switches, in-wall controllers, dimmers, plug-in and wire-in modules and ton of configuration options. Choose from some of the top X10 manufacturers, including X10 Pro, Leviton and many others.

Z-WaveZ-Wave Lighting & Appliance Controls: Z-Wave is a next-generation wireless solution that lets all your home electronics talk to each other by using simple, reliable, low-power radio waves that easily travel through walls, floors and cabinets. Home Controls offers a vast collection of Z-Wave devices, including standard switches, in-wall controllers, dimmers, plug-in and wire-in modules and ton of configuration options. Choose from some of the top Z-Wave manufacturers, including Leviton, Wayne Dalton and many others.

Don’t forget about a wallplate, either – we have just about any configuration you would need!

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HAI Adds UPB Split Phase and 3-Phase Repeaters

Home Automation, Inc. (HAI) has introduced the HAI UPB Split-Phase Repeater and the HAI UPB Three-Phase Repeater for inclusion in the HAI Lighting Control (HLC) product suite.  Like all components in the HLC product line, these are easy to install and retrofittable into existing structures.

“The Split Phase Repeater is an invaluable tool in installations with extreme noise, attenuation, or other issues on the powerline,” explains Jay McLellan, HAI President.  “And the Three-Phase Repeater provides dealers with new installation opportunities for HLC in buildings with three-phase electrical systems.”

The HAI UPB Split-Phase Repeater (HAI part number 39A00-2) enhances the communication reliability between UPB devices by taking UPB messages transmitted on one phase (leg) of a 120/240VAC split-phase electrical system and strongly repeating them on to the other phase (leg).  This product is primarily designed for split phase residential locations.

The HAI UPB Three-Phase Repeater (HAI part number 39A00-3) enables communication between UPB devices on a three-phase 120/208VAC delta-wye, 60Hz electrical system.  The main purpose of the Three-Phase Repeater is to transfer UPB multi-packet messages transmitted on one phase (leg) of the electrical system and strongly repeating them on to the other phases (legs) to ensure proper communication.  The Three-Phase Repeater is perfect for 3-phase environments including offices, condominiums, and additional small businesses and medium density apartments.

HAI’s Split-Phase Repeater and Three-Phase Repeater are now shipping and available at Home Controls! Read more »

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ON SALE: PulseWorx X10-to-UPB Bridge

PCPW513There is no June Gloom at Home Controls! We are very active with several great sales this month. Here’s another one!

Save 25%: The PW513 X10-to-UPB Bridge converts standard X10 formatted messages into corresponding UPB Communication Packets which it transmits over the existing powerlines to control UPB devices.  The ideal solution for interfacing alarm panels and other devices (that interface to an X10 network via a PL-513 interface) to the high reliability of the PulseWorx Lighting Control System. More info …

Sale expires June 30, 2009. 25% Off valid for retail pricing; dealers receive 15% Off already-reduced dealer pricing. Price online reflects appropriate discount.

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Save 15% On Great UPB Products!

The savings just keep coming! Home Controls has teamed up with Simply Automated, Inc. to offer a 15% discount on four very popular UPB products. These are staples to any UPB home lighting system, so be sure to get yours this month!

UPB Dimming Transceiver Switch: The SimplyBrilliant UPB Dimming Transceiver Switch, model US11-40, provides direct load control and or remote control of permanently-installed new or existing lighting fixtures, lamps and other electrical devices connected to UPB devices. Each unit has one rocker switch that directly controls a load up to 900W. Incandescent lamps can be turned ON or OFF, and can also be dimmed and brightened. More info …

UPB Plug-In Appliance Module: This 15 Amp plug-in module is designed to deliver ON/OFF control of 120VAC appliances, motors and fluorescent lamps based on digital UPB commands received over the powerline. Installation is simple: the module is plugged into a standard 120VAC outlet and the appliance to be controlled is plugged into the bottom of the module. A non-controlled convenience outlet is also provided on the face of the module. The connected appliance can be operated manually using a UPB wall switch or multi-button controller, or automatically via PC or home automation server. More info …

UPB Universal Dimming Transceiver Switch: Simply Automated’s SimplyBrilliant US240 UPB Universal Dimming Transceiver Switches provide the same ultra-reliable control as our Standard Dimming Transceiver Switches, while offering greater flexibility.  Each US240 has one switch that controls a single load of up to 900W, and can be field-configured to accept single, double, triple, and quad rockers, as well as 4 and 8-button face plates. And, all US240 faceplates are interchangeable in the field without ever having to untwist a wire nut! More info …

BIGGEST SAVINGS! UPB Controller Scheduler Timer: This UPB Controller, Scheduler/Timer was designed for ease of use and maximum functionality. Once the unit is set for time, date and location (zip code or latitude and longitude) only one intuitive display is used to setup events. Once the Scheduler-Timer has been set-up, the User can rely on timely lighting and not worry about making changes for seasons or adjusting the time. The Scheduler-Timer will automatically adjust time referenced to the nationally synchronized power grid; it knows when daylight savings and leap years occur and even when the sun rises and sets for your location. In the event of a power loss, the programs are stored in non-volatile memory and will not be lost; and time will be maintained with power off for approximately one week. The user menus were designed for easy navigation with minimum button pushes. More info …

  • Sale expires Dec. 30, 2009!

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