Dual CAT-5E with 22/2 Stranded/shielded and 18/2 Stranded Cable

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UL listed NEC type CL2/CMBare copper stranded conductorsLow capacitance rating on data pairData pairs shielded for lowest noiseSequential footage marking
Dual CAT-5E with 22/2 Stranded/shielded and 18/2 Stranded Cable

Loading Dock Lights

Camille Howe asked:

Loading dock lights are used on truck loading docks to bring light into long semi trailers and surrounding work area. The need is great as so little light often reaches the end of an enclosed trailer. For safety reasons and efficiency, it’s important to have proper lighting in loading dock areas. Loading dock lights have become enormously adaptable for numerous types of lighting applications, such as loading dock areas and warehouse work areas where work lights need to be portable. Loading dock lights are necessary for any business which does a lot of loading and unloading of heavy trucks. There are most likely other ways loading dock lights can be used in an industrial lighting situation where you want keep the light against a wall or swing out to provide ample light down the length of a truck trailer. Most companies provide several different types of loading dock lights including incandescent, halogen, high pressure sodium and rayton composite fluorescent work lights. Easy Rack?s loading dock lights reduce freight damage, expedite loading and unloading operations and provides consistent illumination inside semi-trailers or around dock worker areas. All Dock Loading Lights are UL listed.

Work lights are portable and can also be used in a residential environment when working in areas of poor light such as basements, attics, crawl spaces, working under sinks, cabinets or in dark garages. Other work light uses include painting, sanding, repairing, laying floor or staining. Whatever the job may be we have a work light that will fit the job

Industrial Dock Loading Light Benefits.

Incandescent Lights, offer portability, good color, low replacement cost and turn on instantaneously even in cold weather conditions. Our Incandescent work lights utilize a 90 watt bulb, model PAR-38, sold separately. Adjustable arm knuckle joint allows vertical and horizontal positioning.

Halogen Incandescent Lights provides more lumens/watt, better energy efficiency, has a longer service life, portable and experiences less light reduction over its lifetime. Halogen work lights are supplied with a 500 watt bulb. Light turns on instantly.

High Pressure Sodium Lights offers much higher lumens/watt output and a very long lamp life. Its illumination color rendition (yellowish) is not as desirable as an incandescent. Incandescent work lights characteristically requires several minutes to turn on, and even longer if in a cold environment. Low operating cost and portable. Dock work lights units are supplied with a 50 watt bulb.

Ryton Composite Fluorescent Dock Lights stay cool to the touch even with a 500 watt incandescent light. Dock loading lights are available in a standard incandescent lamp head and a fluorescent lamp head. Fluorescent lighting units include a bulb and head.

Halogen Work Lights provide superior lighting at jobsites that assures worker safety and precise loading and unloading. These quality work lights are UL listed and CSA certified. 500 watt halogen bulb included providing 11,000 lumens.

Companies can also carry dock loading traffic lights that have red and green lights that help avoid accidents and injuries by providing clear communication between dock loading workers and truck drivers.

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