What are the Most Frequent Home Theater Audio Problems?

Experiencing audio problems with your new home cinema system can be very frustrating since sound is one of the basic elements of the home theater experience.Many people would likely agree that the audio quality of a home theater system is just as crucial and possibly even more so than the home theater system’s video quality. An excellant audio element makes the cinema come to life right in your residence.

There are many problems which can arise with your sound system. Some are significant and necessitate replacement of home theater components. Others can be fixed with a minor adjustment. This is not a comprehensive troubleshooting guide, but a collection of tips for you if you are experiencing poor audio quality with your system.

Usually your first thought might be to conclude that your poor audio quality is caused by your speakers, before you immediately race out to purchase a new home theater surround sound speaker package, check the basic things first.

The problem might not be in the speakers, but in the amplifier or the connections from the amplifier. Checking and ensuring that the speakers are correctly connected on both ends is the first step.

After the connections pass examination, the next step is to check if the problem lies with the amplifier or audio speaker. Some of the lower end home theater systems come with low powered amps. Most often they do not supply sufficient power to speakers to produce the quality audio you desire. This may show up particularly if the room is large when the sound doesn’t fill up the room.

To determine if it is indeed the amplifier then hook up your speakers to a stereo; this generally will have a more powerful amp. If the speaker quality improves then the problem probably lies in your home theater amplifier. If you can not distinguish any fifference, then your speakers could possibly be at fault.

Poor cable installation and audio speaker cable are another possible cause for consideration. Cheap quality can reduce sound quality and home theaters are often packaged with cheap quality cables.

If you experience problems with your theater system, it is always best to assume the problem lies in the connections between components first and then suspect the components themselves. To ensure a great sound experience ensure that everything is properly connected, your amp is of sufficient power, and the cables are of high quality. If one takes these relatively simple precautions a great deal of frustration can be avoided. If your home theater’s sound isn’t where you need it to be, use those hints as a blueprint as you analyze your system. If it really is time to look for new components, consider those directives as you make your next purchase.

Create a wireless distributed audio system

WirelessAudioCreate a distributed audio system without running wires from one room to another with the new Channel Vision wireless audio transmitter and receiver. Whole house distribution can now be utilized without the mess of wires. The transmitter will accept line level or speaker level audio, making it easy to distribute signals to multiple locations simultaneously. Take advantage of our powered speakers or use the 80 watt class D amp, A0240 for an unbelievable music experience.

  • Send multi-room audio around the home
  • 300 ft. digital music with clear signal frequency hopping technology
  • Transmit stereo audio, AM/FM, XM, PC, iTunes, iPod, MP3 music, or gaming consoles and TVs
  • Effortless installation of rear speakers in a surround sound system
  • Line-level and Speaker-level inputs

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Simple-to-use PERS From SafetyCare


SafetyCare’s ultra-reliable PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) consists of a console that easily plugs into an electric outline and phone jack as well as a wireless, water-proof, one-button wrist transmitter.

If you require medical assistance, or in the event of another type of emergency, just press the transmitter button or the console’s alarm button. A call will be sent instantly to the SafetyCare Response Center, staffed 24 hours a day, every day.

Your console functions like a hands-free speaker-phone. Once your alarm call is received at SafteyCare’s Response Center, certified EMTs stay on the line, assessing your situation, dispatching emergency personnel to your location, and providing your vital medical history to the paramedics enroute.

  • Includes console, transmitter (can be worn as wristband or pendant) and accessories
  • Transmits up to 1,000′ line of sight
  • SafetyCare PERS requires a monthly service fee to operate
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Know Who’s Calling With Voice Announcements!

CL9900CWThis revolutionary product from ClassCo announces calls over its built-in speaker, a headset, or a speakerphone. No more interruptions and inconvenience imposed by traditional, display only Caller ID equipment. The CL9900CW announces a caller’s 10-digit telephone number or recorded name, “number unknown” and “number blocked” for unknown and blocked calls. This technological breakthrough gives caller ID subscribers what they have been looking for: the ability to screen calls without the interruptions and inconvenience imposed by traditional, display only caller ID equipment.

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