Siemens Honeywell Zone Thermostat Device Template

For UPnP™ Device Architecture V 1.0 Status: Standardized DCP Date: May 13th, 2003

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Overview and Scope

The HVAC_ZoneThermostat is intended to be a sub device of the HVAC_System device. Any number of HVAC_ZoneThermostats may be included in the system device. HVAC_ZoneThermostat is a zone level controller for heating and/or cooling. It provides the following functionality:

The ability to set or get zone level operating and fan modes. Temperature in the zone Zone level Heating and/or cooling temperature setpoints Optional fan speed control Optional zone level daily schedule for events and heating and cooling setpoints.

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Scope of Careers in Hvac – Ahead of 2009

We are living in a time of job cuts and hiring freezes. Breaking into a good career is becoming increasingly difficult all around. However, there are a few remaining secure careers that hold promise for a better tomorrow. Jobs in the HVAC field are expected to be abundant in the coming year. A career in the HVAC field is essentially risk free. These services will be needed for years to come – regardless of economic climate.

Statistics indicate that more than 163,000 people are already employed today in HVAC technologies. Better yet, employment opportunities in the HVAC field are expected to rise in 2009. The following are four sectors that are expected to produce more jobs for HVACR technicians in 2009.

1. The Blooming Commercial Aviation Sector “€“ The commercial aviation sector is expected to regain its shape in 2009. Commercial aviation is a field that requires sophisticated climate control and air conditioning technologies. If commercial aviation grows as rapidly as projected in the coming year, there will be more career opportunities in aviation for trained HVAC technicians.

2. The Greatly Developing Marine Systems “€“ There are many different Marine systems being developed these days. The air conditioning systems of these International and Domestic Marine vessels have to be regularly maintained. Not to mention the fact that Marine research aquariums being built today require effective climate controls. This brings about many career opportunities for HVAC technicians in the Marine sector.

3. Chemical And Food Processing Industry “€“ The Chemical and food processing industry offers many career opportunities for air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and installers. This trend is likely to continue through 2009.

4. Service And Installation Of Air Conditioning In Office Spaces And Skyscrapers “€“ There is high demand right now for HVAC technicians that are capable of installing and servicing air conditioners for large commercial buildings and office spaces.

Anyone interested in working in the HVAC field should be well prepared for job challenges and familiar with all aspects of HVAC technologies. Job opportunities may be plentiful but proper HVAC training is needed to better your job prospects. HVAC technicians are also paid based on the quality of their work and their knowledge. When it comes to getting the best HVACR training, the very best campuses are located in Phoenix and Scottsdale. The Phoenix air conditioning colleges and Scottsdale refrigeration colleges offer great career assistance to any aspiring HVAC technician.

The career forecast for HVAC in 2009 will not be gloomy. The demand for HVAC mechanics and installers will be significant in 2009 with the introduction of sophisticated HVAC technologies in almost every walk of life. Good job prospects are waiting for highly skilled heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and installers – particularly those with the right technical HVAC training.

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