Save Money on running your AC This Summer

When temperatures begin to get higher, your energy bill will likely get higher too. You can help keep costs low and your home cool when you schedule regular maintenance tune-ups on your air conditioner. Schedule a maintenance tune-up appointment and maximize efficiency and your budget. Schedule early with Ameri-Serv and take advantage of preseason tune-up discounts.

There are a few easy steps you can do yourself to ensure your system is running more efficiently. You may be surprised to learn that in many cases 30 percent of the air in the average central air conditioning system escapes ducting in basements, crawlspaces or attics. In some cases the air from the attic or crawl space is drawing into your home, that just is not good. Loose or open duct seams allows air to seep out… or in. Just be simply sealing the ducts with Duct Mastic or sealant (I know This Sounds Funny But Do Not Use Duct Tape) to ensure the seams are keeping all of your cool air in its place. You can contact Ameri-Serv and ask for a complete analysis of your air distribution and duct system and we can fix these leaks for you saving you money for years to come.


  • Have indoor and outdoor coils cleaned before warm weather starts. A dirty coil reduces the system’s ability to cool as it decreases heat transfer and air flow.
  • Have your central air conditioner’s refrigerant checked and adjusted, leaky systems not only cost you money but can damage the environment.
  • Have blower components cleaned and adjusted to provide proper system airflow, the blower wheel gets coated with dirt and oil, the more debris the less efficient it operates which simply costs you even more money in summer and in winter.

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