On-Q RF Lighting Control System!

RF Lighting Control

The RF Lighting Control System from On-Q/Legrand allows homeowners to control lights, ceiling fans and small appliances from anywhere in the home, without the need for special wiring or expensive master controllers. The system is designed to meet the lighting control requirements of residential applications including reliability, aesthetics, functionality, and ease of use and installation. Its completely scalable architecture and no-new-wire RF technology means that it is suitable for new or retrofit applications ranging from individual rooms or offices to entire residences. With a capacity of more than 100 rooms and 1,000 devices, RF Lighting Control has practically unlimited system capacity. RF Lighting Control offers a wide range of devices to extend the system functionality including IR, RS232, and Scene interfaces.

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NEW: Optex Wireless 2000 Alert System

Optex has discontinued the Wireless 1000 system and has released the Wireless 2000 Annunciator System – now with twice the range! Optex now brings the benefits of its advanced wireless technology in the form of greater RF transmission range with the new Wireless 2000 driveway and entry announcer. The system can be installed anywhere easily and quickly with no wiring and now allows for 2000 feet line of sight transmission range. Whether it is for home or business, indoor or outdoor, the Wireless 2000 is the ideal choice for perimeter awareness and wireless remote control.

  • No more surprises! Wireless 2000 monitors your property 24 hours a day to detect approaching vehicles and people, giving you time to prepare.
  • No more missed visitors or deliveries! Wireless 2000 serves as a welcome chime or perimeter alert for your home or shop.
  • No more hard to reach switches! Wireless 2000 works as a convenient wireless switch for activating a variety of electric equipment (e.g. doorstrikes / magnetic locks, lights, sirens, motors).
  • Simple, automated set-up Setup is simple! Just two buttons perform all set up functions.
  • More than 8 million codes Transmission codes are preset by the factory with over 8 million possibilities, virtually eliminating the possibility of interference or crosstalk.

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Have a 3-Way for less!

HZ KitGet your mind out of the gutter, please.  Focus…this topic is on 3-way light switching circuits.  I’ve received several calls from customers who have done remodeling, had obstructions in front of an existing light switch, or  just wanted to control a light switch from a more convenient location, like from their couch.  The addition of a second switch, without having to run any new wiring, is all that they wanted.

Well, we do have powerline products that use the X10 or UPB protocol, and even products that use ZWave RF technology, and though these three lighting control systems can create that virtual 3-way switching circuit that the customers are looking for, there is a certain amount of know-how to install the products, and of course, there is the price to consider.  Keep in mind that the total cost of installing these products will be far less than the bill for having an electrician show up to run new wires and install a new switch, and for the drywaller/painter to cover up the access holes made by the electrician. Getting back to the price of the products, the least expensive X10 route will set you back a little on the south side of a hundred bucks. 

So, is there something even less expensive than using X10 and that is easy to do?  As a matter of fact there is, and that would be to install a wireless wall switch kit from manufacturer Heath-Zenith or Leviton. Both switch kits operate on the same principle.  You replace the existing wall switch with an RF receiver switch from the kit, and you attach a second switch from the kit, this one a battery-operated RF transmitter where ever you wish (within operating range of the receiver, of course), and you’re done.  No code wheels to mess with, no UPB UPStart programming, no issues with powerline noise or signal coupling, no expensive programming remote required, just add the batteries ( you have to provide them) and you’ll be 3-way’ing in no time at all.

The part number for the Heath-Zenith kit is HZBL6133, and LV6696 for the Leviton kit.  If you need the classic flip-type, toggle switch, Leviton Kituse the HZBL6133. If you need the flat rocker, decora-style switch, go with the LV6696.

One of the more creative uses for these switches that I’ve recently heard?  A customer stuck the transmitter under his living room coffee table, out of sight,  to control a floor lamp plugged into a switched outlet.  Nice!

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Two Styles of Wireless Outlets!

Add switched lighting control to any outlet without the hassle of re-wiring. Now, choose from either decora or toggle styles!


Decora Stlye Wireless Outlet: The Leviton 6697W Wireless Anywhere Switch and Receptacle uses wireless radio frequency (RF) transmitters and receivers to turn lamps or small appliances On and Off from anywhere in the home. It can be placed at a low height for convenient light control from bedside, chair side or wheelchair. The control signal passes through walls and floors, operating receivers up to 50 feet away.

HZBL6136WToggle Style Wireless Outlet: Add switched lighting control to any outlet without the hassle of re-wiring! Just plug-in the receiving module, and screw the transmitter switch to any wall within 50 feet. Uses one 9V battery. If you already have one of these units in use, specify a frequency D or E that doesn’t duplicate what you already have.

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