OnQ Legrand discontinues ALC/PLC

OnQ Legrand to stop production of ALC and PLC control line switches and products, see announcement below:

Dear Legrand Customer:

Effective today, we are announcing the discontinuance of our ALC and PLC lighting control product lines. For more than a decade, ALC and PLC have been key On-Q product offerings, providing robust, hard-wired lighting control solutions for our customers. However, due to the changing marketplace and our desire to improve the product offering we deliver to our customers, we have decided to discontinue these lines of lighting control products.

This change is effective immediately. In an effort to ensure a smooth transition for our customers, we will take the following actions throughout the next few weeks:

  • All ALC and PLC products will be removed from the standard product section on our website (www.legrand.us/onq). However, you will still have access to product support information in the Discontinued Products section.
  • In addition, for those customers interested in continuing to use our ALC and PLC products, we have formed a partnership with Genesis 13 Lighting to supply the full product lines moving forward. You can learn more about Genesis 13 Lighting and set up an account at www.genesis13lighting.com or by calling 1-864-663-0013.
  • Genesis 13 Lighting will honor the one-year On-Q warranty on all ALC and PLC products.
  • Genesis 13 Lighting will also be providing all future technical support on the ALC and PLC product lines. This includes support for products purchased from Legrand prior to this transition. For technical support assistance, please contact Genesis 13 Lighting at 1-864-663-0011.

In addition, please note that we will begin offering information on a new line of lighting control products in the next few weeks. Scheduled to be available in early 2010, our RF Lighting Control line will provide you with the perfect lighting solution for homes of any size.

If you have any questions regarding this transition, please feel free to contact your local Legrand sales representative or call customer service at 1.800.321.2343, Option 2.

Thank you in advance for your continued support –

Thomas P. Cunningham
Lighting Control Product Manager
Home Systems Division
Legrand, North America

ALC Product Availability

On Thursday, December 17 we announced that we were discontinuing our ALC and PLC product lines. For those customers interested in continuing to use these products, we have formed a partnership with Genesis 13 Lighting to supply the full product lines moving forward. You can learn more about Genesis 13 Lighting and set up an account at their website, www.genesis13lighting.com.

Author: Home Controls

Passquick Zend 200-500 dumps for SCADA PLC

200-500 Exam Overview

A hardware-based alarm notification, acknowledgement and status solution for integrating to SCADA and/or PLC-based systems. Up to 200 or 500 different conditions can be monitored, including analog values like: level, flow rates, pressure, temperature, RPM, voltage, Hz, etc. as well as digital on/off conditions like: high and low level alarms, motor failures, intrusion, generator failure or start, etc.

Additionally, the Elite 200-500 provides automatic calculation of motor run times, total starts and totalized flow. The Modbus RTU Master or Slave communication allows the Elite to operate immediately with virtually any SCADA or PLC system.

Superior reliability than software-based alarm systems

Dedicated hardware-based alarm systems provide much higher reliability than using a software-based alarm system.

* When was the last time you had to reboot your PC or server? Typical operation for the Elite is – turn it on and NEVER REBOOT it.
* Of course if you lose AC power and the backup battery runs out, then you will have to turn it on again – but how often does that happen, especially when the backup battery runs for over 48 hours?

Elite can query the SCADA or PLC system

The Elite 200-500 can read values directly from the SCADA or PLC system, compare current values you user-defined limits and call-out to lists of phone numbers based on the priority of the condition. The Elite 200/500 even alarms when the SCADA or PLC system does not respond. In these installations, the Elite 200/500 operates as a Modbus Master.

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Data Logger Applications in the Process Engineering Industry

In manufacturing facilities and factory processes, the data logger is now in everyday use for measurement and data recording of critical parameters.

Main data logger applications include:

A temperature data logger is also often used to record temperature in drying processes in food production and curing of smoked foods.

Use of data logger units in brick works, kilns and ovens for temperature profiling. Often here the data logger will be fitted inside a thermal barrier to protect from heat damage

In factory processes a data logger with digital and pulse inputs can be used to record machine run time, down time, and throughput of product which can later be used for statistical analysis of production efficiency.

A data logger with appropriate sensors can also be used to measure compressed air usage, product levels in tanks, and system voltages.

Selecting the right Data Logger

When selecting the most appropriate data logger for a process measurement job a few key factors should be considered:

Often a data logger needs to be fitted in part of a process plant far from the main production area. In this case a data logger with integral radio modem or network capability will be easier to interface with the main plant data logger system

Many factory environments are ether dusty, dirty, or have high levels of humidity so the data logger should be well sealed, if possible to IP68. In some processes the ambient temperature can also be very high and many data logger types now will operate up to 85 degrees C.

Pharmaceutical plants, refineries and oil rigs also have many data logger applications in process measurement. A data logger used in these environments not only needs to be rugged and weatherproof, but also intrinsically safe. An intrinsically safe data logger is by design incapable of generating enough energy to be a source of ignition. At the present time only a few data logger types are available with intrinsic safety, mostly for measurement of temperature, humidity and pressure.

In through process applications very little space is available for additional devices in the production line so the data logger should be small and light weight. In addition these processes may produce high temperatures and humidity so the selected data logger should be waterproof and have a high operating temperature.

Many manufacturing processes now use sensors or PLC’s with serial MODBUS outputs. Here a traditional data logger with analogue inputs is useless. However in the last couple of years data logger models with MODBUS inputs have become available to meet this need. Utilizing the MODBUS system additional input modules can be added to this type of data logger to greatly increase the channel I/O count and also network the data logger input and outputs across a manufacturing plant.

With increasing levels of automation and the reduction of man power in manufacturing plants and processes data logger technology will continue to play a vital and expanding role in industrial measurement, data acquisition and statistical analysis.