OnQ Legrand discontinues ALC/PLC

OnQ Legrand to stop production of ALC and PLC control line switches and products, see announcement below:

Dear Legrand Customer:

Effective today, we are announcing the discontinuance of our ALC and PLC lighting control product lines. For more than a decade, ALC and PLC have been key On-Q product offerings, providing robust, hard-wired lighting control solutions for our customers. However, due to the changing marketplace and our desire to improve the product offering we deliver to our customers, we have decided to discontinue these lines of lighting control products.

This change is effective immediately. In an effort to ensure a smooth transition for our customers, we will take the following actions throughout the next few weeks:

  • All ALC and PLC products will be removed from the standard product section on our website (www.legrand.us/onq). However, you will still have access to product support information in the Discontinued Products section.
  • In addition, for those customers interested in continuing to use our ALC and PLC products, we have formed a partnership with Genesis 13 Lighting to supply the full product lines moving forward. You can learn more about Genesis 13 Lighting and set up an account at www.genesis13lighting.com or by calling 1-864-663-0013.
  • Genesis 13 Lighting will honor the one-year On-Q warranty on all ALC and PLC products.
  • Genesis 13 Lighting will also be providing all future technical support on the ALC and PLC product lines. This includes support for products purchased from Legrand prior to this transition. For technical support assistance, please contact Genesis 13 Lighting at 1-864-663-0011.

In addition, please note that we will begin offering information on a new line of lighting control products in the next few weeks. Scheduled to be available in early 2010, our RF Lighting Control line will provide you with the perfect lighting solution for homes of any size.

If you have any questions regarding this transition, please feel free to contact your local Legrand sales representative or call customer service at 1.800.321.2343, Option 2.

Thank you in advance for your continued support –

Thomas P. Cunningham
Lighting Control Product Manager
Home Systems Division
Legrand, North America

ALC Product Availability

On Thursday, December 17 we announced that we were discontinuing our ALC and PLC product lines. For those customers interested in continuing to use these products, we have formed a partnership with Genesis 13 Lighting to supply the full product lines moving forward. You can learn more about Genesis 13 Lighting and set up an account at their website, www.genesis13lighting.com.

Author: Home Controls

On-Q/Legrand is now Legrand

Legrand has announced its strategic branding initiative within the North American marketplace. On-Q/Legrand will be the first of the current North American product lines to embrace the branding initiative and begin its transition to the Legrand brand.

“Our customers will now benefit from the increased development of Legrand as a trusted end-user brand in the US marketplace, creating demand for our product offering throughout the home systems category,” said Doug Fikse, president of the home systems division of Legrand.

Starting in September 2009, all new products launched by the company will be branded as Legrand. Beginning in January 2010, Legrand will start to transition all On-Q products to the Legrand brand on a gradual basis. Home Controls will be changing our print and online catalogs to match these changes.

“As On-Q/Legrand shifts to Legrand, we remain steadfast in our pledge to develop innovative home systems, and are committed to preserving the sense of family and commitment that our customers and partners have grown to expect,” Fikse said. “All of the innovative products, services and support for which On-Q/Legrand is known will remain the same.”

The expected transition time for the full conversion of all products is between two to five years.
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