Key Elements in Intelligent Buildings

The concept of an ‘Intelligent Building’ encompasses various automation systems for Building Control, Office, Communications, Security and Fire. An IB project generally covers three key elements.

  • Communications Network and Office Automation.
  • Building Management System.
  • Integrated Services Infrastructure.

Communications Network & Office Automation System

The System includes office administration, Property Management, and Business Intelligence Systems that reduce heavy workloads and human error to enhance efficiency, quality and the working environment as a whole. Voice, Data, Video and Multimedia Information Services, such as Video Conferencing, Email and Electronic Data Exchange, are provided via the building’s high-speed backbone network to the benefit of each

Building Management System (BMS)

Building Management System provides automatic monitoring, interaction and management for electricity, ventilation, water supply, security and fire control to the building. BMS manages the following systems: Building
Automation System (BAS) Security Automation System (SAS) & Fire Automation System (FAS):

Building Automation System (BAS)

The Building Automation System centralises the remote monitoring and control of all building facilities – including electricity, lighting, plumbing, ventilation and air-conditioning, water supply and drainage and environmental control systems – at a single control center. Seamless monitoring of all these systems ensures a reliable working or living environment for tenants as well as optimised human resources allocation for the Property Manager.

Security Automation System (SAS)

Security Automation System is critical for providing a secure environment and protecting the safety of tenants. Elements include: Anti-theft Security and Alarm System , Electronic Control System, Access Control System, Closed-Circuit TV Surveillance System.

Fire Automation System (FAS)

The Fire Automation System is supported by independent network and cabling systems to ensure operation continues nonstop, even during an emergency. When linked to the building’s centralised control room, a second level of monitoring is provided; and in case of fire, various systems can interact directly to optimise all necessary building facilities.

ELV Integration

For many years, voice and data systems were cabled separately. Now it is standard practice to use a common platform for both of these systems. Like the Voice and Data Systems of the past, the traditional construction process separately installs each of the BMS disciplines under various divisions of a specification.

This means that multiple cabling systems and pathways are installed during the various stages of construction, which establishes one of the primary reasons for ELV Systems Integration i.e. (Integrated Cabling and pathways instead of individual systems). Also, the BMS vendors have now started to use Data Networking and LAN architectures which allow them to communicate over a Standard Ethernet LAN using the same TCP / IP protocol used by computers.

What Makes Persian Rugs An Ideal Choice For Home Decors

We always hear about Persian rugs, but we don’t really seem to know a lot about these rugs, do we? Except of course about how beautiful and elegant they look. So, what are Persian rugs? This type of rug is a first-rate, wool-made decor for home or office use. The rugs can be hand knotted, woven or machine made. Because of Persian rugs’ history embedded in the early civilizations of their native country, Iran, majority of today’s Persian rugs still come from the said region. Persian rugs have such versatility that they can be used as both area rugs and wall hangings.

Modern Persian rugs, unlike those in ancient times, are machine-made. Times did change and the progress is evident. Even so, you can still get the same excellent quality as the old times hand-knotted Persian rugs.

Look for thick piles in wool when you are looking for Persian rugs as area rugs in your home. The more knots per inch, the more the rug is worth. Quality Persian rugs have thick density when it comes to their wool. You will find that these rugs tend to cost a bit more than other rugs, but are often kept for a lifetime. Many people collect Persian rugs as this is one type of decorating item that does not go out of style.

The region where they were made will show the distinctness in design and pattern. There are geometrical designs, symmetrical ones and such elaborate designs that they can be considered pieces of art. The patterns can also give the Persian rugs a contemporary look. There are numerous options in eyeing a Persian rug for your home use.

Not all rugs that seem like Persian are real Persian rugs. Many are also made from other countries. Nevertheless, these rugs do look like the real thing and are nice too as they have the same designs. A good point is that such kinds are friendlier to the wallet. They don’t cost as much as the Iran-made, genuine Persian rugs.

Whether you choose to buy an authentic Persian rug as an area rug for your home or a rug that mimics the look of a Persian rug, you cannot go wrong with this type of style. Persian or Persian look area rugs have withstood the test of time and offer the owner attractive design and quality that will not appear to be dated and will remain in style for a lifetime. Persian rugs are considered to be the top of the line when it comes to area rugs in the home.

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Easily Program Your Lighting with a Timer Switch

LV6124H00WThe Leviton Decora LCD 24 Hour Timer Switch is ideal for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications including outdoor lighting, exhaust fans, attic fans, bathroom heat lamps, jacuzzi or hot tubs, pool motors, sprinklers, office lights, janitor closets, etc. Energy is saved with this Timer since lights or other types of loads will shut OFF automatically according to the setting on the Timer.

  • 24-Hour Programmable Timer
  • Ideal for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications including outdoor lighting, pools, motors, sprinklers, exhaust and attic fans, bathroom heat lamps, hot tubs and spas, whole-house exhaust fan scheduling, office lights, janitor closets, landscape and security lighting
  • Permits separate ON or OFF scheduling for half-hour periods of the day; ON/OFF manual control available by using button below display panel
  • Decora styling enhances any interior (NOTE: 6124H cannot be used with Decora Plus Screwless Snap-On Wallplates)
  • Note: Compatible With Electronic Ballasts
  • Available in Almond, Ivory, or White

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Solar Panel Energy – Money Saving Tips

Solar Panel Energy

Everyone Knows the economy is bad at the moment. We are all doing everything we can to keep our heads above water. We try hard to keep our bills paid with not a huge amount left over for extras. The economy may be low but the bills we have to pay aren’t getting any lower. Every month when many of us receive our electric bills we are shocked at how high they are . We try everything to keep our bills down but nothing seems to work. Well, have you ever heard about solar cell energy? It is often said that though the original cost could be pricey, they’ll pay for themselves in the longer term. Think about it, no more electric bills. Sounds great, right. Read on and we’re going to tell you a little about these solar power panels.
Firstly solar electricity panels are used to produce clean and clean energy. It can be employed to power your appliances and even your whole house. These will help you to never see a use bill in your mailbox again.
Solar cells are the guts of the panel construction. A massive area p-n junction diode is employed like an incredible semiconductor. Useable electrical energy is formed when direct daylight reaches the solar cells. Without chasing the speculation of electricity to an extraordinary it is reasonable to say that the link between free electrons and photons meeting the solar cells goes through a reasonable process that creates serviceable electrical energy that’s captured and stored into batteries for later use. Glaringly the more solar cells associated with a solar cell the better opportunity for electrical storage. So size does matter in relationship to the solar cells exploited.
These solar energy panels have a fantastic fantastic price range. This all depends on what you need to use and how many cells you want on each panel. Then naturally how many panels you are interested in using.

the first cost of using solar panel for your energy may appear a little overwhelming. But if you look at what they will save you in the long term, it is going to be well worth the investment.

If you are ready to save money by building your own solar panel and harnessing solar panel energy at your home or office – start with us. We have a proven system for quickly and easily finding the inexpensive supplies and guiding you through the construction and wiring of your own energy-efficient and cost-effective solar panel energy source.

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