Nutone: Out With The Old And In With The New

Nutone recently announced that it had discontinued the IMA line of intercoms. This includes the IMA-4406, IMA-3303 and the previously dropped IM-3204 models of master stations and accessories. These models were sold by the thousands over the years and many are still in use today.

In the place of these older systems Nutone as introduced two new models: NM200 and NM100. Both of these can include the option of a 6 disc CD player: NUNC300. The main difference between the NM200 and the NM100 is the NM200 is designed to be used in new construction with cat-5 to each room station or retro-fit for a 6 wire system. The NM100 is used for retro fit with either a 3 or 4 wire existing system. The NM200 can support up to 15 rooms and 3 door stations. The NM100 goes up to 15 stations with 4 wire and 13  station with 3 wire. If your looking for a deal on a new install check out the NUNM200K .

NM200K Package includes:

(1) NM200WH Master Station, White
(4) NRS200WH Indoor Room Station, White
(1) NPS200WH Outdoor Station, White
(1) NDB300WH Door Bell, White
(1) NA3003C Three Note Chime Module

Author: Home Controls

Don’t Get Hosed And Get The Wrong Hose (or Inlet)

I like central vacuum cleaners. Having the power head in the garage and a series of inlets throughout the house all connected by tubing hidden in the walls is the equivalent of having structured wiring for your telephone, data, and CATV needs.  What I want to bring to your attention, whether you are planning a new install, adding a new inlet, or just replacing the hose, is that you need to make sure that the hose matches the inlet.

All inlets have two, spring-loaded metallic nubs that make contact with a ring on all hoses when the hose is inserted in to the inlet.  This low-voltage contact triggers the power head motor to turn on when the hose is inserted and off when the hose is removed.  The Nutone NU360 is a standard, low-voltage inlet. 

In additon to the low-voltage contacts, there is another type of inlet that has a trapezoidal shaped connector above the circular inlet that allows 120 VAC, household electrical current to safely flow through the hose and drive power brushes and other AC-powered cleaning accessories attached to the hose. The NUCI390 is an example of an electrified, direct-connect inlet.

So which hose do you use? If you have the standard, low-voltage inlet, then the NUCH230 is the hose for you. If however, you needed more cleaning oomph in the form of an electric power brush, you would need to get a different hose such as the NUCH520. The ‘520, pictured above,  can be inserted in a standard inlet, and comes with a six-foot, pigtail AC power cord attached to the inlet side of the hose.  The pigtail allows connection to a nearby electrical outlet thus allowing the use of the power brush.

The third and final hose is the NUCH620.  This is an electrified, direct-connect hose. No pigtail. Just plug it in and you’ve got both suction and AC power at your control.

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