SR227 Or PA011 X10 Split Receptacle Module X10 Usa

  • Works with X-10 Controllers & Timers
  • Replaces existing wall outlet – No special wiring!
  • Top outlet is X10 controlled, Bottom outlet is always on

Product DescriptionTo get the plug-in X10 control of devices with a custom look just replace the existing receptacles with them. bottom outlet behaves like a regular non-controlled outlet. High output responds to commands as X10 Appliance Module 3 pin. Responds to ON / OFF OFF all units. No answer to ALL LIGHTS ON or BRIGHT commands Sun /. Local manual control is possible. With manual, when the container is connected equipment to turn on the light and again the receptacle on the meaning and OFF cycle and the output forces. Very useful when you are near an X10. White only.
SR227 Or PA011 X10 Split Receptacle Module X10 Usa

X10 AM466 Appliance Module

  • Plug-in module allows control of appliances from anywhere in the house using any X10 controller
  • Works with fans, air conditioners, coffee pots, stereos, TVs and more
  • 15 amps, 1/3 HP, 500 watts

X10 AM466 Appliance Module

Last Call For X10 Lamp Modules For Only $7.95!

Normally priced about $20, Home Controls has been offering a huge savings on the PLM01 X10 Lamp Module. We started the sale a few weeks ago with several hundred of these very popular modules. And wow, have they been popular because we’re down just a few dozen. Now is the time to get yours before supplies are gone!

The X10 Lamp Module is the simplest and most effective way to control your household incandescent lights. Lighting control is simply a plug-in away. The X10 Lamp Module plugs into any standard 120V household outlet and gives you the ability to remotely control any incandescent light you plug into the Module (up to 300 watts). The Lamp Module is actually a Receiver that Responds to X10 Signals generated by X10 Controllers elsewhere on the electrical power lines. Simply dial in any House Code and Unit Code you choose for each Module and away you go! Don’t worry about losing manual control of the lamp… it will function normally even with the Module in place. The Lamp Module is the foundation of your home lighting system. The PLM01 features Automatic Gain Control (AGC).

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