New: Chicken Coop Motor Is An Egg-cellent Product!

About a year ago, Add-a-Motor found a hidden market with literally millions of potential customers. They discovered that in the USA alone, there are tens of millions of chicken coops, and many millions more around the globe. Most are family owned with 10 to 20 chickens raised for fresh eggs and meat. Add-A-Motor also learned that chicken coop owners have the same problem … early every morning without fail. They must open the coop door to let their chickens out to feed. In the evening, when chickens automatically re-enter the coop, the door must be closed to protect them from predators and the elements. No matter the weather conditions or personal situation, these morning and evening chores can not be missed. For a busy family, it’s a challenge to keep up this routine 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

For the past year, Add-a-Motor has been test marketing a motor for chicken coop doors. The user simply plugs it into their lamp timer switch and it automatically opens and closes the coop door on a time schedule they choose. Customers have been vocally appreciative of the convenience and peace of mind it provides. Sales have been impressive. Now, Add-A-Motor is in full production of a new Model D20 motor, and is available through Home Controls.

  • You decide what time your chicken coop door opens and closes – thereafter it is automatic!
  • Sleep a little later.  The D20 opens the door each morning allowing your chickens to feed or free-range on their own.
  • If you arrive home late, or if the weather is so poor that you can not attend you’re coop on-time, relax because chickens will enter the coop about the same time every day, and the D20 automatically closes the door at the time you set.
  • You can also set multiple door openings and closings each day.  This can benefit in several ways.  It enhances egg production by exposing hens to longer periods of daylight by preventing them from re-entering the coop too soon.  It can foil small predators such as mice and snakes that sneak-in to steal eggs after your hens are out.  And, it can manage heat inside the coop.
  • Raccoons, fox, dogs, cats, coyotes, etc. eventually give up and go elsewhere.
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Quality Facility Management: A Marketing and Customer Service Approach

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Quality Facility Management: A Marketing and Customer Service Approach

Increased Profitability for “Main St.” Integrators

As a “Main St.” integrator you can increase profitability by taking advantage of many free services available from Home Controls. 

One savvy move is utilizing  pre-designed systems.  By cutting costly design time, you gain flexibility in your business model.  Increase profit, or make home automation even more affordable for your clients. 

Set yourself up for ready-made repeat customers by providing a single system, such as distributed audio, to fit their immediate need.  Then let them know you can add additional systems to increasingly tech-out their home as their budget allows.  

This may sound scary, but it’s really simple if you’re using fully integrated pre-designed systems.  Without the time consuming task of laying out every single system, you know all products and systems will work together.   

It’s all there in the design…fool proof.

Source: Home Controls

Taking Home Automation to Main St.

Join me in breaking the lid off our industry’s secret recipe for success!  While maintaining gratitude for the fruit it bears, the luxury market is only one piece of the home automation pie.Home Automation Industry Pie

Where’s the rest of the pie?  On Main St., folks!  That’s where opportunity abounds for integrators seeking an ideal niche.

Few people know how many options are available at prices nearly any homeowner could afford.  With so many wireless options in home automation, even unsettled renters, apartment dwellers and twenty-something wanderers can take technology along when they move!

If the goal is to make integrated whole home systems mainstream, though, we need to shift our mindset as an industry.   Too many of us actually believe objectors who say the technology is too expensive or too complicated…

Wait a sec, aren’t you and I the experts?!  From now on let’s join together and correct anyone who says home automation is too anything.

Truth is, technology is easy for the masses when they have an integrator like you on their team.  And home automation is currently available at every price point.

Friendly Grocery Store ClerkIt’s critical that we unify our message and spread the news: home automation is in fact available to the average person, today! 

I’m talking about everyone from the neighbor we borrow sugar from, the old high school friend we meet for drinks, our barbers and favorite grocery store clerks.

How on earth will home automation become mainstream if we in the industry run around perpetuating the false belief that our technology is unattainable to the “mainstream?”

Here’s a quick example. What happens when you tell people what you do for a living? In my case, I say “I’m a marketing consultant for the home automation industry.” The two most frequent responses are:

1. What’s home automation?
2. Wow, isn’t that stuff expensive?

Sound familiar?  Commonly, the response to “What’s home automation?” is technical & causes eyes to glaze over.  Or when asked “Is it expensive?” we say “Yes, it is.”

Clearly we’re working against ourselves here.

Instead, let’s work together to excite the masses and empower them to dream about home automation.   Let’s tell everyone who asks that residential technology is fully within their reach!

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