25% Off inQuire Intercom Room Unit

OQIC1004WH_full_4163Save 25% on the On-Q/Legrand inQuire Intercom Room Unit through the month of November!

You’ll never be more than a few steps away from answering the door, monitoring a child’s room or communicating to another part of the house. On-Q inQuire Intercom Systems not only deliver superior sound, but also install in decorator-style wall plates that blend into the home’s décor. A broadcast system allows talk/page from every unit, and LEDs show stations that are in use, muted or being monitored.

Available in white, black, light almond, or ivory, the Broadcast Intercom Room Unit is perfect for any décor. The modern, adjustable backlit keypad makes it simple to communicate in low-light conditions. In addition to paging, the user can monitor other units from anywhere in the house.

Features: Trims with a standard decorator wall plate (included) offering a modern design – perfect for any décor. Page, monitor, do not disturb and hands-free reply Multi-level volume control Modern backlit keypad

  • Sale expires Nov. 30, 2009.

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How to find the right AC Drive for you

When looking to buy an AC Drive, you need to know a few things to mention when calling a local AC Drive distributor. I’ll touch on these and a few tips to keep in mind.

Before shopping around here’s what you need to know for basics:

  • Input Voltage
  • FLA (Full Load Amps) on the motor nameplate or spec. AC Drives are actually sized by amps/current not HP (horsepower). Although most consumers rarely size by current, it’s the safest method. If you compare similar drive brands by HP and look at the continuous current rating you’ll be vastly surprised. Some brands exceed the NEMA FLA for the HP it is rated for (FYI this extra current can bail you out on a tough load). Some brands cut it close. Others have introduced a smoke and mirrors approach with terms like Heavy Duty, Light Duty. Proceed with caution in selection on brands using this terminology.
  • Application-What are you using this for? Is it a conveyor? Is it a fan? Maybe a pump (if it’s a pump, know which design type it is, *NOTE* be careful with positive displacement pumps!*)
  • How do you want to control it? Are you just going to use the keypad for starting and stopping? You might want to use remote control via push buttons for starting stopping etc. Also, do you want to give the variable speed drive (AC Drive) a variable speed reference signal from a speed potentiometer or set it using the keypad, or send a 4-20ma signal from a transmitter? If using the keypad, are you going to mount it on the front of the enclosure?
  • What type of environment is it going to be in? If you’re not mounting it yourself in a control cabinet do you need to be able to connect conduit (some drives are rated IP20 for their enclosure which is sort of finger safe but you don’t have a landing area for conduit)? Do you know the Nema rating of where the AC drive will be mounted?
  • Do you need any form of communications for the AC Drive? Ethernet, Modbus, Devicenet, Profibus etc.
  • Do you have any breaking requirements? Is it a stopping brake, holding brake, emergency stop application?
  • Lastly, this isn’t a dealbreaker but ask about tech support via phone or locally. Good tech support is a great intangible often overlooked. Sure, you need to take the time to read the manual, properly wire the drive to the AC motor and attempt to get it running. However, sometimes you may need a little help.

There are a lot of brands out there. Here are quite a few in no particular order (and just because they are listed does not mean I endorse them, be sure to do research on any you are looking at). AC Tech, ABB, Baldor, Cutler Hammer, Emerson/Control Techniques, Danfoss, Fuji, GE, Hitachi, LG, Mitsubishi, Rockwell/AllenBradley, SqD/Tele, Vacon, Yaskawa.

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HOT JULY SPECIALS: 2-for-1 Elk Products!

#1: Purchase an Elk Heavy Duty Siren In Stainless Steel Enclosure and receive a FREE Elk Products Compact Echo Siren!

Add ELK150RT and ELK74 to your shopping cart and use Code ‘ELK1‘ at checkout.

ELK1RTElk Heavy Duty Siren In Stainless Steel Enclosure: The Elk Heavy Duty Siren is self-contained in a tampered “No Rust” stainless steel enclosure. It features two sealed reed tamper switches, one on the Back plate and one on the Front Cover. The switches are normally closed and pre-wired in series. This Siren can produce two distinct sounds from a single input trigger. The stainless steel exterior reflects the color of the mounting surface allowing it to blend easily with any residential or commercial building.

ELK71Elk Products Compact Echo Siren: The ELK74 is a Two-Tone (Yelp & Steady) Siren mounted in an attractive surface mount plastic enclosure. This versatile Echo Series siren is designed to be heard but not seen!. Sound “echoes” off of the mounting surface from back plate edge. This unique contemporary siren has a smooth, paintable, “no grill” surface that easily blends with any decor. This siren mounts to any flat surface or single gang electrical “J” box.

#2: Purchase an Elk M1 Flushmount Keypadand receive a FREE Elk Data Bus Wiring Hub!

Add ELKM1KP2 and ELKM1DBH to your shopping cart and use Code ‘ELK2‘ at checkout.

ELKM1KP2Elk M1 Flushmount Keypad: The ELKM1KP2 is a low profile, addressable LCD Keypad for the M1 family of Cross Platform Controls. It features a 32 character blue/white backlighted display, blue lighted keys, 4 programmable function keys, along with the ELK menu navigation keys. It may also be recess flush mounted using with a separately purchased back box kit (ELKM1BBK2). The M1KP2 is compatible with “external” 26 bit Wiegand compatible proximity readers, allowing cards or fobs to be used for arming, disarming, or limited door strike control, etc.

ELKM1DBHElk Data Bus Wiring Hub: For easy connection of expanders & keypads. The M1DBH accepts up to 9, RJ45 equipped CAT5 or CAT6 cables, and series connects the data A & B lines so the data bus may be terminated properly. Two or more units may be interconnected if more than 9 data lines are required.

The M1 Controller family offers unequaled value to Systems Integrators, Installers and End Users alike. Unlike panels that may be strong in automation but weak in security (or vice versa), the M1 boasts a rock solid security foundation with the most imaginative and powerful automation functionality available.

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