NEW: NuVo Wall-Mount NuVoDock for iPods

NuVoDock for iPod is charting new territories – your walls. The same great NuVoDock features of convenience and control, now available in an on-wall package.

Accessing a personal iPod through a NuVo system means guaranteeing you’ll like what you hear, and the Wall-Mount NuVoDock offers this great functionality with a sleeker look than ever before. No more desktops and cable clutter, keep the installation both clean and convenient with the new NV-WMIPS.

  • Compatible with a variety of Apple products, including the iPod touch
  • NuVoNet smart source communication for complete control and navigation from NuVo Control Pads (browse by playlist, track, artist, album, genre, or favorites)
  • Plug-in-Play with Renovia, Concerto (I8G), and Essentia (E6G) systems
  • iPod Fast Charging station
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NuVo Renovia Now Available At Home Controls!

Six Sound Sources, Up To Eight Listening Zones: NuVo’s NEW retrofit solution is the ultimate in flexibility and audio freedom. Combining reliable technology with an unprecedented simplicity, Renovia is a whole home audio system that promises sophisticated sound incorporated almost invisibly into a home’s architecture, without a disruptive installation.

Using the home’s existing power lines to distribute audio to up to 8 zones, each Renovia system is comprised of a Source Hub and an unobtrusive in-wall Zone Amplifier for each intended zone. The Source Hub, complete with a built-in dual tuner, centralizes the system’s six audio sources and can be easily stored out of sight. The system works seamlessly with an extensive selection of sources, including legacy devices and NuVo’s Music Port for access to a whole world of music, as well as Renovia’s own NuVoDock for iPod. Managing the system from a variety of NuVo’s attractive control options is intuitive and uncomplicated.

With Renovia, experience music anywhere in your home, any way that you want – easily.

Renovia Features:

  • Whole Home Audio in up to 8 different rooms
  • Quick, simple installation for a reliable retrofit solution
  • Designed for discreet placement, for a system that is practically invisible
  • Built-in Dual AM/FM/SIRIUS-Ready Dual Tuner and 2 Renovia NuVoDock specified inputs
  • Wide range of control options

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Cables Unlimited / ZipLINQ ZIP-AUDIO-IP3 Retractable iPod 3.5mm to RCA Audio/ Video Cable

  • Listen to your music library through your home stereo
  • Watch videos and view photos on your television
  • Connects to the headphone port of the iPod or the line-out port on the iPod Universal Dock

This iPod 3.5mm to RCA composite cable allows you to easily connect your iPod to your home stereo or television so you can share your favorite MP3s, Photos and movies with friends and family. Connects to the headphone port of the iPod or the line-out port on the iPod Universal Dock
Cables Unlimited / ZipLINQ ZIP-AUDIO-IP3 Retractable iPod 3.5mm to RCA Audio/ Video Cable

iTach Wireless Interface Wins TOPS Award at CES

Global Cache’s new iTach has been honored with the Electronic House TOPS Award for best Wireless Networking Device. The 2010 Electronic House TOPS Awards recognize the best technology, products and services for the connected home.

The new iTach Family of Products have been designed to connect any control system, including the iPhone and iPod touch, to common household devices so they can be easily accessed and controlled. Employing the iTach and remote control software available through iTunes, the Apple iPhone/iPod touch is transformed into a universal remote control in a matter of minutes. Now an iPhone/iPod touch or any WiFi-based controller can access the TV, DVD, cable box and almost any other electrical device from any room in the house without wiring.

Winners of the ToPS Awards were chosen by EH editors, along with distinguished industry veterans and the magazine’s DIY correspondent. The awards were presented during the 2010 International Consumer Electronics show (CES), which took place Jan. 7-10, 2010, in Las Vegas.

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