Home Controls FREE Monthly Webinar This Wednesday

Home Controls continues its monthly webinars this Wednesday, Oct. 21, at 10:00 a.m. PST. This month’s topic is Intercom Suggestions and Installation. A Free event, the webinar is a 30 minute training followed by questions/answers.

To join the webinar, log on to www.dimdim.com, click ‘Join A Meeting’ and enter ‘homecontrols’ as the meeting room ID. To listen to the conversation, dial 702-473-3463 and use the Attendee Pass Code 466326#.

See you there!

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Hear Who’s Calling You

Caller IDThough not a new product, this handy Talking Caller ID device is worth blogging about.   A typical caller ID phone will display the calling party’s number on the phone’s LCD display.  When a call comes in, you need to view the LCD display to sees who is calling.  With the Talking Caller ID, you no longer have to view the display.  Between the first and second ring, a pleasent male voice will recite the digits alerting you to who is calling.  
Some of the key features of the Talking Caller ID are:
*   Announces the calling party’s number or a pre-recorded name.
*   Announces blocked and unknown numbers.
*   LCD display that shows the calling party’s number, date, and time of call.
*   Stores a historical log of the most previous 99 calls.
*   One-touch call back automatically dials a logged call.
The Talking Caller ID is great to have installed in the kitchen or garage.  Whether your hands are full preparing the evening meal or changing your vehicle’s oil, you’ll know who is calling, and more importantly, if you need to stop what your doing and answer the phone.

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Know Who’s Calling With Voice Announcements!

CL9900CWThis revolutionary product from ClassCo announces calls over its built-in speaker, a headset, or a speakerphone. No more interruptions and inconvenience imposed by traditional, display only Caller ID equipment. The CL9900CW announces a caller’s 10-digit telephone number or recorded name, “number unknown” and “number blocked” for unknown and blocked calls. This technological breakthrough gives caller ID subscribers what they have been looking for: the ability to screen calls without the interruptions and inconvenience imposed by traditional, display only caller ID equipment.

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