Hunter Comfort Saver 7 Day Room Control™ Thermostat 44668

  • Compatible with: gas, electric, oil-fired, wall and floor furnaces; gas-fired and oil-fired boilers; gas and electric air conditioning; hot water (2-wire); single stage heat pump
  • Energy Star rated
  • Batteries not included
  • Pre-programmed
  • Robo door opening

Product DescriptionIncludes à ‰ conomy Comfort 7 dà ƒ ace of room of contrôle of the thermostat â  „ ¢ – 44668
Hunter Comfort Saver 7 Day Room Control™ Thermostat 44668

Hunter 44860 7-Day Programmable Touch screen Thermostat

  • Temporary, vacation and home today overrides
  • Keyboard lock
  • Energy monitor
  • Battery powered or hardwired

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Hunter 44860 7-Day Programmable Touch screen Thermostat

Hunter 44110 Set & Save Programmable Thermostat

  • Energy Star-compliant programmable thermostat from Hunter Fan for indoor temperature control
  • Accommodates most 24-volt and millivolt systems; programs for every day of the week
  • Thermostat programs temperatures range of 45 to 99 degrees F; includes fan switch
  • Low-battery indication features 2-stage light; unit requires separate purchase of 2 AA 1.5v batteries
  • Thermostat weighs 9.6 ounces upon shipping and requires assembly and hardware; 1-year limited warranty

DescriptionHunter Product Set & Save 5 / 2 programmable ThermostatAmazon. com ReviewCreate ideal indoor climate for the weekend without wasting energy throughout the week with this series of Energy Star-compliant programmable thermostat and save Hunter. User to adjust the thermostat on the diverse needs of households in seven days a week to allow the thermostat to heat automatically at dawn on a cold morning or to operate the air conditioner for longer hours summer weekend. When you set the thermostat to operate especially when household members are home, the device reduces the wasted energy and minimizes the size of the electricity bill and maximize comfort. The programmable thermostat is a filter monitor and can accommodate more gas, diesel and electric 24-volt and millivolt furnace and cooling systems. It will not work however, with heat pumps and multiple in one step, or base 110/220 volt electric heating systems. Appears in an easy to read LCD display, the thermostat temperature range 45-95 degrees F. The thermostat also transmits the ambient temperature 30-99 ° C. Temperatures beyond this range are designated as HI, then as OL. The thermostat shuts the heat cycle at a temperature above 95 degrees F, while the interruption of cooling if it is below 40 degrees F. To weather or sudden schedule changes, users may choose to temporarily disable the programmed settings for convenience. Similarly, a hold option saves energy while the cottage residents. For general air traffic, a fan switch is installed. The thermostat turns on a light in two steps to notify low battery, while closing the filter changes the light to ensure a good and reliable. Two AA batteries 1. 5-volt battery and thermostat must be purchased separately. This unit must be assembled on arrival and the purchase of necessary equipment. Hunter offers a limited warranty of one year of this product. The thermostat weighs 9. 6 oz navigation. Reuling Jessica –
Hunter 44110 Set & Save Programmable Thermostat

Hunter 44550 Auto Save 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

  • Auto Season Changeover Automatically Changes between Heat and Cool with the Seasons
  • ENERGY STAR Compliant INDIGLO Backlit Display
  • Auto Programming Home Today Override Temp. & Vacation Overrides Soft Touch Key Pad
  • Energy Monitor Filter Monitor
  • 2 Stage Low Battery Warning Front Battery Access Battery Powered

Thermostat Auto $save 7 Day Programmable w/Auto Changeover Compatible with Most Furnaces & Cooling Systems (24 volt, milli volt & Single Stage Heat Pump)
Hunter 44550 Auto Save 7-Day Programmable Thermostat