Save Energy the Green Way with a Whole House Fan

Americans Spend $22 Billion A Year To Cool Their Homes…

A 2,800 square foot home could easily spend $2,000 over a 6 Month Period Using A Central Air Conditioner To Cool Their Home! When you Compare this to the Savings running a Whole House Fan.

A Whole House Fan’s Operating Cost Is 1/10th The Cost Of Your A/C Usage…

Yes, during the same six month period, if the homeowner who spent $2,000 on air conditioning used a whole house fan instead, they could have saved more than 50% or $1,000 off their energy bill!

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Whole house fans have been used effectively for many years. A whole house fan is very effective at cooling a home anytime the air temperature is cooler outside than inside your home as it takes advantage of cool overnight and early morning temperatures which saves you money.


With Sky-Rocketing Electrical Energy Prices we all pay…

Investing In A Whole House Fan Is A No Brainer As It Will Pay For Itself In A Short Period Of Time, Then it will Pay You for years In Saved Utility Bills Year After Year!

Yes, Over Its Lifetime A Whole House Fan Can Save You Thousands & Thousands Of Dollars…

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When a whole house fan pays back the most

Boise, Idaho – August 22, 2009

The time of year when a whole house fan pays you back the most

As the seasons change in the Treasure Valley we all love the fairly consistent cool evenings and mornings with the nice warm days. It’s part of what we all love about Idaho.

The only problem is that the inside of your house does not mimic these temperatures at all, unless you have a vintage home with poor insulation. We all know that our homes will stay pretty much warm unless you run that air conditioner. Which these days cost much more than it ever has.

This is the time of year when having a whole house fan will make all the difference in the world. We have all tried the box fan in the window and it may work pretty good for one room but it just does not compare to a whole house fan.

At bedtime if the outdoor temperature is less than the indoor we shut off the air conditioner and open a few windows with the whole house fan running and it cools down the house in just a few minutes at a fraction of the cost to run the air conditioning system.

In the mornings we almost always run the fan with the windows open for a couple of hours to pre-cool our home and it works great, freshens the air in the house and the best part is that when we do run the fan and shut it off before the outside temperature starts to rise the air conditioning system does not need to run for better than half the day on most days. In comparison on those days when we do not run our fan the air conditioning system begins to cycle as early as nine in the morning.

While the whole house fan does have it’s limitations, such as it not being a good idea to run it when the humidity is high, it has many other advantages as well. We have all burned toast or worse yet the dreaded popcorn in the microwave… Well, nothing works better at getting that out of your house fast than the whole house fan. One last advantage is that they also pre-cool your attic space as well which just adds to the energy savings you will gain.

The best part is that whole house fans are relatively inexpensive, they are usually very simple fans that are installed in the ceiling so that they blow their air into the attic space of your home pulling the cool air from outside to cool down your house and your attic at the same time. They are sized to move a whole bunch of air all at once and can come with either two or three speeds or there are even variable speed models.

So if you are looking for ways to save money on your utility bill or maybe you just want to reduce your carbon footprint, this is a great way of getting several benefits from one simple measure.

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