Is Domestic Tankless Water Heater A Energy Saver?

A Tankless water heater offers a homeowner many advantages over a conventional water heater. They are energy efficient, have a constant supply of hot water and also enjoy substantial space savings.

The tankless water heater offers builders several advantages also. You are able to up sell to a more expensive appliance, space savings and also selling of an energy-efficient appliance. Today they are installed in most zero energy homes. Also today, most custom homes are being built with a whirlpool system, high output showers, showers or tubs in other rooms, large capacity washers and dishwashers. All of these put a huge strain on a conventional water heater. Then there is a recovery period when even the biggest units run out of hot water.

A tankless water heater is fairly simple concept. Instead of a constant draw on resources to heat, maintain and reheat water in a large tank. The tankless water heaters will flash-heat the water as it is needed by running thru a heat exchange. When hot water is needed sensors will signal the burners to light and then heat the water. When the hot water is no longer needed the whole system just shuts down and there is no pilot light. This and the fact that there is no recovery period you can save 40 to 60 percent on your utilities bill.
A tankless water heater system is also compact and can be mounted to either a exterior or interior wall to save floor space. Because they are combustion sealed they can also be installed in the closet.

Tankless water heaters in the past few years have had a 20 to 30 percent sales increase per year. But they still only account for about 2 percent of the overall residential water heater market.

Part of this is the fact the some builders are jumping in the tankless water heater parade but yet others are holding back taking a more cautious approach. Also part of the increase is due to the customer’s are more knowledgeable and aware of the tankless water heater advantages.

While there are several good advantages to the tankless water heater, there are some drawbacks also.

The flow rate or capacity that a tankless water heater can supply is dependant on the heating element. The bigger the heating element is. The larger the capacity or flow rate will be. It is also affected by the difference between the water temperature and the temperature it needs to be heated. This is also known as rise.

If a tankless water heater needs to heat water from extremely hot, such as the case in the colder regions. It will have a lower flow rate. A standard shower temperature is 105 degrees. If the water needs to be heated from 65 degrees (which is common) to 105 it will do so much more efficient and with a greater flow then heating the water from 35 to 105 degrees.

Do You Know What Size Is Right? The Perfect Area Rug For You

This article will help those of you who would like to make use of area rugs in their homes but are unsure of the right size to buy. Read on to find out some guidelines in determining the right size of area rug for your room.

Let’s start by deciding the role area rugs can play in your interiors – as the focal point, the accent or accessory to the focal point, and the practical aid. All these factors will help you in coming up with the right size.

Focal point or central decor area rugs can be bigger than the usual size you often see, which are mainly for accenting a centerpiece. Area rugs that are made for practical reasons will rely on the specific need for the rug’s purpose, such as protection for a high-traffic zone, floor covering, skid protection, etc.

An area rug under the couch in the living room is mostly viewed as a central piece. It should be bigger than the couch, also even if it’s not to serve as a focal point to achieve some balance, but should be small enough to have some gap space from the surrounding furniture. If you end up engulfing other furnishings, you are on your way to carpeting the living room. Be careful not to overwhelm the things with your area rug. Focus on one spot, in this case the couch, and make sure that it is well covered but still keeping its distance from the other decors. The focus is the couch. Leave the others alone.

Now let’s look at an area rug used as a base for bigger furniture like the dining table. The method may be the same but take note of the difference.

With a dinner table, a gap space is not recommended. Have the dining table and the chairs on the area rug, with extra space at the ends to have an open and not too crowded look. Otherwise, your dining room will look awkward. Have the dining set wholly on the rug.

So do the same apply to beds and bedrooms? Well now that’s a bit more difficult to answer, seeing as a bedroom differs from a dining room or a living room. People want more warmth in their bedrooms and, as such, want more rug. Common uses here include getting two rugs of different sizes that compliment each other as well as the surrounding furniture – one under the bed and one, perhaps, at the foot of the bed or closer to the centre of the room. Alternatively two rugs of the same size can also be used. However caution will need to be exercised as these have the ability to divide a room in two. In all cases, ensure that there is enough underlying floor visible to ensure that its visual appeal is fully accentuated.

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New York Times Features GrandCare

GrandCare – an assistance system for independent seniors, their families and care partners – was featured just yesterday is not just one, but two stories in the New York Times.

Technologies Help Adult Children Monitor Aging Parents: In the general scheme of life, parents are the ones who keep tabs on the children. But now, a raft of new technology is making it possible for adult children to monitor to a stunningly precise degree the daily movements and habits of their aging parents. The purpose is to provide enough supervision to make it possible for elderly people to stay in their homes rather than move to an assisted-living facility or nursing home – a goal almost universally embraced as both emotionally and financially desirable. Read more »

The Technology for Monitoring Elderly Relatives: For those with advanced physical ailments, the ability to contact emergency personnel may not be enough. It wasn’t for Jean Roberts, a 79-year-old retired nurse who had a brain aneurysm 20 years ago, and now suffers from a seizure disorder. She and her daughter, Carol, 52, who is also disabled, set up a system of customized sensors from GrandCare Systems. Read more »

To learn more about how GrandCare can benefit your family, contact Home Controls at 800-266-8765 to find a local authorized dealer near you.

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Laugh Until It Sinks In

Occidental Petroleum is running a very clever and funny ad supporting and informing about what petroleum is used for as well as natural gas, gasoline and diesel.

As you’ve seen in the video lots of things will disappear.  They even missed important stuff like the concrete foundation of the house, the asphalt roadway and the elastic holding up the boxer shorts.  It could have been funnier if you tolerate crudeness with a smile.

But seriously, life as its known in the developed world would stop.  No gas for the car, no diesel to bring food into the city, no jet fuel for travel and mail, no natural gas or heating oil for warm homes and California will be dark.  300 million people won’t be supportable.

275 million will be left out of the food chain.  Do you think they won’t be looking for answers?  Would a gulf oil drilling moratorium get food close enough for meal?  The idiocy at high levels of government is astonishing.  Foolishness knows no limit in today’s media saturated silly society.

That said, oil coming up way short would have tens of millions looking for how the political elites blew the modern world apart.  It might be a very good idea to be, well armed, really.  Folks are going to be hungry and angry. At desperate – lives will be lost. Those with – will be attacked by those without.

It might be very self interested (self preserving) to be “pro oil”.   For many reasons beyond just jobs, profits, taxes and cheap energy, petroleum is crucial.  Start taking it away such that it become too dear the danger would be intense for everyone.

Reading, watching or listening to news or pundits that don’t concern themselves with adequate affordable supplies for everyone is setting up ignorance pointing to risk.

For this writer adequate petroleum supplies is crucial – it will take decades for the alternatives to supplant and replace fossil oil and gas.  Moreover, the economy has to be robust enough for the consumers and producers to buy conservation, efficiency and alternative work devices.  This is going to take a long time.

Screwing it up along the way is senseless and essentially a betrayal.

Thanks to Occidental.  The lighthearted ad just touches, but leaves no scars, suggesting a warning.  A real petroleum shortage will leave scars – from the bloody wounds, too.

Author: New Energy and Fuel