A Merry Christmas to You

A Merry Christmas to You

Let’s just kick political correctness into the weeds today.  No energy no fuels.  Rather a little energy for the soul. Let it be a Merry Christmas for you and your loved ones.  No matter what subscription to religious belief you might have, Christmas is a holiday that can be shared by all.

The ‘why’ is quite simple.  Jesus Christ made one comment that survives and sets the whole of Christendom apart. “Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you.”  For a couple thousand years now, with a lot of forays off path, a lot of the people who’ve lived, live and will live try to follow that guidance.

That small comment is worth a celebration, every year, no matter how or what one might believe.

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Closed For The Holiday But Website is Always Open

87663694The Home Controls office will be closed Thursday-Sunday, Nov. 26-29, in celebration of the Thanksgiving weekend.  We will open Monday, Nov. 30 at 7 a.m. Pacific Time.

Our thanks is your continued business. We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday!

During this weekend, be sure to do some Christmas shopping in the Home Controls Gift Guide! I’m sure you’ll find something you can add under the tree this year.

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High Tech & Low Tech Parking Assistance

If you are like most people, your garage is packed full of stuff with everything from holiday decorations to childhood memories, stacked high. Maneuvering the car perfectly into the garage can be a challenge. Now, there are a few options — both high tech and low tech — to help park your car in the same spot every time.

MX37310The High Tech Option!

Maxsa Garage Laser Park: Helps prevent damage to your car and your garage from faulty parking. Helps you park your car in the exact right spot every time. Easy installation, attach to your garage ceiling with included hook-&-loop tape or screws. No wiring necessary. Automatically activates when your vehicle enters the garage. Powered by included 110 Volt AC adapter. This version is for a single-car garage; the Dual Laser Park works for two car garages!

MX3735The Low Tech Option!

Maxsa Park Right Parking Mat: Helps you park safely and easily and prevents damage to your vehicle and your garage. Anti-skid tape prevents mat from moving. One size fits all passenger vehicles. Choose from High-visibility Yellow or Black. At less than $15, this is a great deal!

Also, check out the Maxsa Park Right Car Door & Bumper Guards, to protect your car and your garage during parking and when opening car doors.

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Light Up your Holiday With LED Lights

Rick LeForce asked:

I read somewhere that people were expected to downsize their Christmas celebrations this year because of added home energy costs. Nonsense, when decorating your house, simply use LED lights inside and out and you will save money!

Let’s look at some comparisons between regular holiday lighting and LED’s.

Traditional incandescent bulb: 6 watts

Typical strand of 50 lights: 300 watts (.3 kilowatts)

Using the national average of 9.81 cents per kWh, this averages out at a cost of $4.50 over 30 days, if you run the lights for 5 hours per day. Multiply this by the number of strands you plan on hanging up for your total approximate usage cost.

Let’s compare this to the cost of using LED bulbs:

LED bulb: .08 watts

Typical strand of 50 lights: 4 watts (.004 kilowatts). Using the same parameters as for the regular lights, total usage cost for 30 days would be less than 6 cents.

Durability: LED bulbs also generate less heat than regular bulbs, giving them a life span of up to 100,000 hours. This translates to 10 times longer than fluorescents and 133 times longer than typical incandescent bulbs. They also don’t contain delicate filaments, and are not damaged as easily as regular bulbs. These features make the LED a safer form of lighting.

Cost : At one time these lights were over priced and hard to find, but now they are widely available, and the prices have dropped considerably. Although the purchase cost may be higher, the real savings is in the usage costs as explained above.

Light field: LED’s do not radiate light in 360 degrees as do the incandescent bulbs; they are more of a focused light. The light will be brightest wherever it is pointed towards.

Variety: Indoor and outdoor bulbs are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes for the holidays.

Safe use of your LED lights:

Make certain you are using the lights for their intended use, i.e. indoor/outdoor.

Do not connect standard light strings to LED light strings. This could result in power loss, damage or fire.

Understand your total wattage for each string and do not exceed this in your circuits.

Be sure to decorate your home this holiday season with this efficient, energy saving form of lighting.

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