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I wanted to post a brief article on LED area site lighting to give an idea of where the concept is at and where it seems to be going. Currently, parking areas and outdoor site lighting is performed mostly with HID lighting. Both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamps are used. With trying to get average and minimum foot candles for projects, you get a variation in foot candles that can cause areas of too much light, areas with shadowing and even light spillage/trespass. Lighting designer engineers and manufacturer’s have done a good job with HID lighting but have pretty much hit the point where there is not more room for improvement due to the fixture and reflectors can’t get much more efficient with the light distribution.

This is where the power of LED’s comes into play. Sure it’s more energy efficient, but it’s in the ability to control the angle and direction of each LED in the array of an LED fixture that gives the major benefit. Why so? By controlling the angle, the variation of foot candles can be much lower overall than traditional methods and you can then base the lighting levels based on minimums instead the average. With LED site lighting you will get less shadowing, trespass, conserve light, and probably use less fixtures. The color rendering is better as well which is great for security.

The major players that seem to be emerging are Beta, GE, and Kim. Be on the lookout over the next 3 to 4 years in the industrial electrical products market to see more breakthroughs in LED site lighting!

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Digital & Addressable Lighting Control at Indoor Games Hall

Digital and Addressable Lighting Control at Kowloon Bay Indoor
Games Hall

Prepared by Martin Wu Kwok-tin
Energy Efficiency Office, Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, Hong Kong Government

Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) was developed to overcome the problems associated with the analogue 1-10V control interface for dimming of electronic ballasts. DALI is a new international standard (Annex E under IEC 60929) that guarantees the exchangeability of dimmable electronic ballasts from different manufacturers. It provides a simple and digital way of communication among intelligent components in a local system in a way that that is free of interference.

The new T5 DALI lighting system has now been operating smoothly for more than a year. The management staff of KBIGH commented favourably in the new lighting system. They indicated that it offers a number of advantages – adjustable lighting level, ability to provide lighting to individual badminton courts, a more comfortable visual environment, and considerable savings in electricity expenditure.

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Digital & Addressable Lighting Control at Indoor Games Hall

Obviously, high bay lighting using high output T5 lamps and luminaries was proved to be more energy efficient and had better visual performance than HID lamps. We are optimistic that high output T5 lamps could replace conventional high bay lighting using HID lamps in the very near future in most application with high ceiling level including sport halls, warehouses, plant rooms, exhibition halls, etc.

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Energy Performance

Supplemented by the advance in digital lighting control system like DALI, the T5 lighting system could also be designed to suit various dimming and functional requirements in commercial buildings via Central Control and Monitoring Systems. Optimisation of energy consumption could also be achieved by automatic dimming and switching by local daylight and occupancy sensors. Wiring cost could be reduced as both power and control wirings to individual luminaire could be connected via multiple busbars to both LV lighting circuits and building control network. Each luminaire is individually addressed and programmed to its designated lighting group, scene and switch settings. Future modification in lighting arrangements could simply be made in a computer terminal.

The High Performance of the UFO LED Grow Light

Susan Slobac asked:

People who enjoy indoor gardening are looking for good, bright light for their plants. In addition, they want light fixtures that are light in weight, yet offer excellent light coverage. All of these great features are available in the UFO LED. Although it looks small and round, rather like an unidentified flying object, this grow light provides amazing light at a cost-effective price.

Roughly the same size as a bread plate, the UFO LED light runs on only eighty watts of electricity yet puts out more bright light than a four-hundred watt high pressure sodium or metal halide lamp. HID, or high intensity discharge, lights, on the other hand, require seventy to eighty percent more electricity to run them at the same light capacity as the UFO LED.

Not only does it use a fraction of the energy that other grow lamps use, but it also runs very cool. This is because the UFO LED comes with three fans built in, so you will not need to purchase air-cooled ducting or reflectors and will dramatically reduce your air conditioning costs as well. A cooler running UFO LED light also ensures that you will not burn your tender plant foliage, a common problem with other types of grow lights.

Your plants will flourish under these small but very powerful lights. A UFO LED provides your indoor garden with eight times the light output that you would normally receive with an HPS or MH grow light. It does this through the use of several one-watt LEDs focused toward your plants, the light spectrums of the UFO LED grow light are in color temperatures and tones that your plants can actually use for photosynthesis. The light specrtrums output by the UFO LED is suitable for all phases of plant growth

With all of this remarkable lighting capacity, it is also encouraging to learn that the UFO LED light will last for eighty thousand and more hours, or the equivalent of seven to ten years of exceptional performance. The coverage area of this light is three feet by three feet, allowing you to grow a wide array of plants in that large growing space.

The UFO LED light is lightweight and very easy to use. It does not require any extra wiring or complicated setup, but can be used in the normal light sockets found in your home or greenhouse. So for high performance for low cost, the UFO LED grow light is a perfect choice. The UFO LED light is the indoor gardener’s best friend!

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Energy Efficient Parking Lot Lighting Saves Big With Induction

  Energy efficient replacement solutions for Parking Lot fixtures (pole lights) were virtually non existent until recently. Induction lighting has been a great alternative to HID lighting for years. The popularity of this technology has been slowly growing in the United States primarily on the west coast, but you still don’t see this technology used much for outdoor area lighting. Parking lot lighting and Induction lamps are a great fit, providing quality lighting while cutting energy consumption.

  For example, using Induction lamps to illuminate Car Dealerships has wonderful benefits not only energy savings. The high Color Rendering Index of the Induction lamp enhances the colors of the products on display. Then you need to consider the long life (100,00hr) that dramatically reduces maintenance, this is of great value for applications where buckets trucks are often needed for re-lamping. The life span of one Induction lamp will replace five HID lamp changes.

  Most companies that use outdoor lighting such as pole mounted HID fixtures do not operate on a 24 hour schedule. So this creates another question. What can we do to reduce the consumption of these fixtures after business hours when only security lighting is needed? Back to our Car Dealership example, after business hours cars are no longer being sold creating a very wasteful and inefficient lighting system no matter what technology is being utilized. There exists a great solution to this problem. Induction Shoe Box fixtures are available with duel 150 & 200 watt lamps and ballast. The lamps in this fixture can be controlled independently making it the most versatile Shoe Box fixture on the market. When wired through an astronomical time clock, half of this light can be shut off after business hours when the only lighting needed is for security. During night time business hours the light would operate at 300 watts, then after business hours the light can be reduced to 150 watts greatly increasing the energy savings and not compromising security.

  For existing systems where re-wiring to provide a second feed to control each light is not a possibility, wireless or line voltage relays can be used.. These relays are able to receive a signal via wireless or existing power feed conductors which will turn off half the fixture at a predetermined time. The DimOnOff control panel contains an astronomical time clock which controls the relays and automatically adjusting for day light savings.

Reducing outdoor lighting consumption will have a huge impact on your bottom line creating positive cash flow with a quick return on your investment.

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