HAI OmniTouch 10pe Wireless Touchscreen Now Shipping

OmniTouch 10peHAI, the leading manufacturer of integrated automation and security products since 1985, announced today that the OmniTouch 10pe (HAI part number 94A00-1) is now shipping from Home Controls!

“HAI’s 10pe Touchscreen is lighter, thinner, and has enhanced screen resolution with no increase in price,” explained HAI President, Jay McLellan.

HAI’s OmniTouch 10pe is a dedicated home control Touchscreen. The portable 10.4″ Ethernet based Wi-Fi Touchscreen provides easy access to manage the home’s security, lighting, temperature, audio/video and more. The 10pe can view IP cameras without any extra equipment and analog cameras with HAI’s Camera Server (part number 87A00-1).

Although the product ships with a default user interface, the interface is fully customizable using HAI’s Automation Studio software (part number 1126). Dealers can develop a graphic user interface based upon the homeowner’s lifestyle and interests. Simple updates like removing a button or more involved applications like adding a floorplan can be accomplished with Automation Studio.

HAI’s 10pe can be set up as a room controller without the need for a full-blown home control system. Using the HAI Home Theater Extender (part number 86A00-1) and the aforementioned Automation Studio, any room can be automated including home theaters, corporate boardrooms, or school classrooms. One button push can close the curtains, lower a screen, and turn on the appropriate Audio/Video equipment.

The OmniTouch 10pe features a 10.4″ XGA high-resolution TFT LCD screen and a rechargeable lithium ion smart battery. Also included are a built-in stand and stylus. A docking cradle (HAI part number 94A01-1) is also available.

A limited number of the OmniTouch 10p (HAI part number 67A00-1) are still available, at a clearance sale of 25% off! Read more »

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NEW: HAI Wireless Driveway Sensor

HAI, the leading manufacturer of integrated automation and security products since 1985, now shipping the Wireless Driveway Sensor (HAI part number 63A00-1).

The Wireless Driveway Sensor uses Earth’s magnetic field to detect moving metal objects (such as automobiles) that pass by it.  The unobtrusive Wireless Driveway Sensor can be used to turn on outdoor lighting when approaching, or used to alert homeowners with video surveillance when a visitor has entered the driveway.  Since the 63A00-1 is wireless, there is no digging or underground cable required.  The Wireless Driveway Sensor has two unique mounting options via the included stake or post/wall mount.

“This is an often requested product in large estate installations”, explains HAI President, Jay McLellan.  “This product is affordable and easy to install, making it a smart option for HAI’s dealers already installing HAI Wireless security sensors and HAI access control products.”

The Wireless Driveway Sensor is part of HAI’s wireless security product line, which requires the use of an HAI 64 Zone Wireless Receiver (HAI part number 45A00-1).

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HAI iPhone Webinar, July 7th

HAI iPhone AppHAI is hosting an online webinar to introduce its newest product, Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Learn about HAI’s newest product, Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Turn your cell phone or mp3 player into a portable home control Touchscreen for security, lights, entertainment, and more. Read more »

For other training events, check out the Home Controls Events Calendar.

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HAI Adds UPB Split Phase and 3-Phase Repeaters

Home Automation, Inc. (HAI) has introduced the HAI UPB Split-Phase Repeater and the HAI UPB Three-Phase Repeater for inclusion in the HAI Lighting Control (HLC) product suite.  Like all components in the HLC product line, these are easy to install and retrofittable into existing structures.

“The Split Phase Repeater is an invaluable tool in installations with extreme noise, attenuation, or other issues on the powerline,” explains Jay McLellan, HAI President.  “And the Three-Phase Repeater provides dealers with new installation opportunities for HLC in buildings with three-phase electrical systems.”

The HAI UPB Split-Phase Repeater (HAI part number 39A00-2) enhances the communication reliability between UPB devices by taking UPB messages transmitted on one phase (leg) of a 120/240VAC split-phase electrical system and strongly repeating them on to the other phase (leg).  This product is primarily designed for split phase residential locations.

The HAI UPB Three-Phase Repeater (HAI part number 39A00-3) enables communication between UPB devices on a three-phase 120/208VAC delta-wye, 60Hz electrical system.  The main purpose of the Three-Phase Repeater is to transfer UPB multi-packet messages transmitted on one phase (leg) of the electrical system and strongly repeating them on to the other phases (legs) to ensure proper communication.  The Three-Phase Repeater is perfect for 3-phase environments including offices, condominiums, and additional small businesses and medium density apartments.

HAI’s Split-Phase Repeater and Three-Phase Repeater are now shipping and available at Home Controls! Read more »

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