Honeywell Plastics Snap-Fit Design Manual

Why use snap-fits? This chapter will give you a thumbnail sketch of the benefits of snap-fits and the materials used to make them. Snap-fits are the simplest, quickest and most costeffective method of assembling two parts. When designed properly, parts with snap-fits can be assembled and disassembled numerous times without any adverse effect on the assembly.

Snap-fits are also the most environmentally friendly form of assembly because of their ease of disassembly, making components of different materials easy to recycle. Although snap-fits can be designed with many materials, the ideal material is thermoplastic because of its high flexibility and its ability to be easily and inexpensively molded into complex geometries. Other advantages include its relatively high elongation, low coefficient of friction, and sufficient strength and rigidity to meet the requirements of most applications.

The designer should be aware that the assembly may have some “play”due to tolerance stack-up of the two mating parts. Some snap-fits can also increase the cost of an injection molding tool due to the need for slides in the mold. An experienced designer can often eliminate the need for slides by adding a slot in the wall directly below the undercut or by placing the snaps on the edge of the part, so they face outward.

Wayne-Dalton WDTC-20 HomeSettings Controls Thermostat

  • Set the perfect temperature on the thermostat or by using a Z-wave controller
  • Set the mode that fits your day by choosing normal or save energy
  • Backlit LCD display allows for easy view
  • Compatible with most HVAC systems

Product DescriptionThe WDTC-20 Z-Wave enabled Thermostat delivers exceptional value in a compact design. You can manage HVAC systems with the easy to use front panel buttons or remotely from any Z-Wave remote control. Activate Green Energy Conservation modes with the push of a button. Change home temperature remotely as part of a complete Z-Wave enabled home access and control system. It was designed to give you many years of reliable service and easy to use climate control when operated manually or by remote control in a Z-Wave network. It allows you to program and control temperature settings wirelessly to optimize the energy savings in your home. It can even be controlled from a remote location. This Z-Wave Enabled Thermostat will also work with Z-Wave certified controllers from other manufacturers and brands.
Wayne-Dalton WDTC-20 HomeSettings Controls Thermostat

Control A Variety Of Dimmable CFLs & Incandescent Lights

The Leviton Decora Dimmable CFL and Incandescent Sureslide Dimmer can be used to control 300W-120VAC CFL and 600W-120VAC Incandescent, 60Hz, single pole and 3-way. It features an auto mode that can detect whether a lamp is an incandescent or dimmable CFL, determine low-end dimming capabilities and adjust dimmer range accordingly. The dimmer is UL Listed and CSA Certified.

The Attractive Decora styling coordinates perfectly with Leviton’s complete line Decora wiring devices. It fits easily into a standard wallbox and is suitable for multi-gang installations. Compatible with Decora screwless and Decora standard designer wallplates. Read more »

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Intercomp Part 140656 USB Wireless Node – ZigBee for Notebook fits CW250, PW800 & PT300

Intercomp Part 140656 USB Wireless Node – ZigBee for Notebook fits CW250, PW800 & PT300
Intercomp Part 140656 USB Wireless Node – ZigBee for Notebook fits CW250, PW800 & PT300