DALI – An Emerging Energy-Conserving Lighting Solution

The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) : An Emerging Energy-Conserving Lighting Solution

by Odile Ronat, International Rectifier

Digitally controlled dimming of lighting is emerging as a key energy savings system in Europe and spreading to the rest of the world. The key drivers are energy shortages, increased energy costs, and environmental concerns. The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) standard is emerging as the preferred fluorescent controlling method due to its many advantages.

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DALI – An Emerging Energy-Conserving Lighting Solution

Why DALI is Needed

Increased energy demand has been driven by an explosion in information technology and unprecedented economic growth over the past few years. The supply of energy has not increased with demand in many areas, especially in rapidly growing economies. This has led to daily outages in some areas. Europe has a strong public and government environmental awareness of the need for energy conservation. European public policies that promote conservation, including higher energy taxes, have led to high energy costs.

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DALI controls enable increased productivity by making lighting an active part of the work environment, deliver a 20 to 30 percent reduction in energy use, reduce maintenance costs, and improves building aesthetics.

DALI provides significant advantages over existing analog control systems including:

  • Two-way communications for obtaining operating status and performance of luminaries. This ability to generate reports showing location of failed lamps and additional fixture performance items helps reduce maintenance and energy costs.
  • Individual fixture addressing of up to 64 addresses provides cost-effective control of individual fixtures and allows re-configuring space lighting groups without re-wiring.
  • With 16 programmable scenes and groups stored in the ballast, the user can define lighting scenes based on occupant tasks while groups provide the ability to control individual fixtures included in multiple control zones.
  • Control compatibility across multiple suppliers letting users to mex and match and obtain consistent control operation.
  • Simple control wiring allowing maximum flexibility, ease of installation, and convenience

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