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Heating with Heat Pumps

Heating with Heat Pumps Heat Pumps can be a very economical way of heating and cooling your dwelling depending on geographical location and the cost of electricity in your area. The volatile costs of natural gas, propane, and oil has enabled these conditions where it can be cheaper to heat with a heat pump than with fossil fuels. There is a common conception that a heat pump blows cold air and while this can be true in some cases it is not true to all heat pumps. If a heat pump is blowing cold air when in the heating mode then it needs to be looked at because there exists a problem that needs to be corrected. Even when the outside unit kicks into the defrost mode the unit should provide adequate heat to heat the zones which it serves. Again, if it is not providing adequate heat then it needs to looked at for a technical problem that needs correcting. A well designed heat pump system, working properly and efficiently, can provide competitive and economical heat for your dwelling

Renewable Energy in Hong Kong

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department commissioned a two-stage consultancy study in late 2000 to investigate the feasibility of wider application of renewable energy technologies in Hong Kong. Findings from the Stage 1 Study suggest that the renewable energy technologies that are considered potentially feasible for wide-scale application in Hong Kong are solar power, wind […]

Urge for Wider Adoption of Renewable Energy

The urge for wider adoption of renewable energy is emerging as an irreversible worldwide trend. Apart from looking at renewables from the environmental angle, the search for new energy sources as substitutes for fossil fuels is another reason providing the drive. With a projected world population of 10 billion by the year 2050, the increasing […]

Renewable Energy Explained

In contrast to the fossil fuels, renewable energies, as the name suggests, exist perpetually and in abundant quantity in the environment. They areready to be harnessed, inexhaustible, and more importantly, they are environment-friendly. However, the term “renewable energy” has no official or commonly accepted definition. As an example, the Renewable Energy Working Party of the […]