Every Car Should Have a Life Hammer

My Uncle sent me one of these Life Hammers many years ago as a Christmas gift. Now my Uncle is a smart guy, but to me this looked like something a paranoid person keeps in their glove box. I mean how many times is this thing ever going to get used? However, I did keep it in the glove box of my truck for many years, and thank goodness, have never been in a situation that required the use of the Life Hammer.

Lately I’ve read a few articles about people who have died in accidents where they could not get out of their car for one reason or another. Well, this is where the Life Hammer saves lives.

The hammer part is designed to break any window, including the front and back with little effort, thus eliminating the problem with electrical failure and not being able to get the windows open. Another handy part to the Life Hammer is that it’s base contains a hook blade that easily cuts through seat belts that have jammed. There’s even a glow in the dark spot to help find the hammer at night.

Granted, you have to be in good enough shape after the accident to use the Life Hammer, but you’d be surprised what you are capable of in those grave situations. Hence, I no longer think of the Life Hammer as a paranoid tool, but as a life saver that I must say everyone should consider having in their glove boxes.

Life Hammer is a hammer that you keep in your car, and in case of an emergency, you use it to break the glass so you can escape. They say that you can’t kick out or break auto safety glass, that only a sharp point will break it, so these life hammers are becoming very popular.

Besides the original size Life Hammer they have a key chain version and few color options as well. I am going to buy a few key rings as gift for my fireman friends whom are trained to save lives no matter they are in a car or not : )

This keychain keeps you prepared for the unexpected by helping you get out of a car in the event of an emergency. The spring-loaded tip at the head of the tool shatters auto glass in the event your vehicle becomes submerged in water. The razor blade allows you to quickly cut a seatbelt if you become trapped. The bright yellow color makes it easy to locate. When attached to a keychain, a detachable clip provides quick access.


The ResqMe tools is a dual purpose safety tool mainly intended for drivers but can also be used in other vehicles and for people working in emergencies like doctors, paramedics, policemen and firemen.

The first function in the tool is a spring-loaded head that can break side and rear automotive windows, you press the head against the window and after applying some pressure a spring activates a pin that punches the window breaking it. It won’t break laminated windshields but normally works with side or rear windows. The activation is easy and will work underwater if needed.

The second tool is a seatbelt cutter blade, the blade is protected by a plastic cover that can be removed pulling the splitring that comes with the tool. You may need both hands to remove the plastic cover of the blade so it may be safer to keep the blade uncovered if the tool is not in your keychain.

The ResqMe is an affordable emergency tool, keeping one in your car is probably a good idea if you don’t have something similar. This is a device for breaking your car window from the inside quickly say if you are trapped underwater or something it also has a tool to cut your seat belt in case you cant get it unbuckled, if your panicked.

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  1. Herfnerd Says:

    Its a tool used to get trapped people out of cars.

    The upper part can be used to break auto glass.

    The lower part has a razor blade in a slot that can be used to cut thru safety belts.
    P.S.: Forgot to say great post!