Increased Profitability for “Main St.” Integrators

As a “Main St.” integrator you can increase profitability by taking advantage of many free services available from Home Controls. 

One savvy move is utilizing  pre-designed systems.  By cutting costly design time, you gain flexibility in your business model.  Increase profit, or make home automation even more affordable for your clients. 

Set yourself up for ready-made repeat customers by providing a single system, such as distributed audio, to fit their immediate need.  Then let them know you can add additional systems to increasingly tech-out their home as their budget allows.  

This may sound scary, but it’s really simple if you’re using fully integrated pre-designed systems.  Without the time consuming task of laying out every single system, you know all products and systems will work together.   

It’s all there in the design…fool proof.

Source: Home Controls

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