Impact of Oil Production on Rainforests

Oil has largely been responsible for revenues in countries for more than 50 years. Oil companies have extracted millions and millions of barrels of oil leading to arguable quantities of oil spills. Less is known about the impact it has on the rainforests.

Rainforests are the richest destinations for a wide variety of birds and animals. These tropical forests are found in Africa, central and South America making them the most wanted sites for oil extraction. Major oil extraction operations were targeted to these destinations only and the havocs associated have been brought to light quiet recently. Ecuador and Nigeria are the most affected rainforests affected by continuous oil extraction havocs.

Getting down to issues,

• Oil producing companies dump gallons of oil into the forest soils rendering the soil incompatible for vegetation. Thus affecting the animals and birds dependent on these resources.

• The toxic dumping from the oil companies poses a potential threat to health of native dwellers.

• Oil drilling processes and oil pipeline breaches release toxic by-products such as benzene and Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) into the soils, which leach directly into fresh water sources.

• In addition to the devastating impact caused by these oil spills, the oil spill cleanup is another major cause of concern in rainforests, taking into consideration the variety of river systems associated.

• The continuous build up of petroleum wastes further complicates the oil spill cleanup procedures.

So, the oil spill cleanup plans for rainforests need to be strategic and should be powerful enough to rehabilitate the rainforests. Use of environment friendly products such as Oil Gone Easy S-200 will prove to be a wonderful solution as it works wonders on any oil spilled surface, including soil, concrete, asphalt, or cement. Being rain proof and non-combustible are the added advantages with this product.


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