HAI Adds UPB Split Phase and 3-Phase Repeaters

Home Automation, Inc. (HAI) has introduced the HAI UPB Split-Phase Repeater and the HAI UPB Three-Phase Repeater for inclusion in the HAI Lighting Control (HLC) product suite.  Like all components in the HLC product line, these are easy to install and retrofittable into existing structures.

“The Split Phase Repeater is an invaluable tool in installations with extreme noise, attenuation, or other issues on the powerline,” explains Jay McLellan, HAI President.  “And the Three-Phase Repeater provides dealers with new installation opportunities for HLC in buildings with three-phase electrical systems.”

The HAI UPB Split-Phase Repeater (HAI part number 39A00-2) enhances the communication reliability between UPB devices by taking UPB messages transmitted on one phase (leg) of a 120/240VAC split-phase electrical system and strongly repeating them on to the other phase (leg).  This product is primarily designed for split phase residential locations.

The HAI UPB Three-Phase Repeater (HAI part number 39A00-3) enables communication between UPB devices on a three-phase 120/208VAC delta-wye, 60Hz electrical system.  The main purpose of the Three-Phase Repeater is to transfer UPB multi-packet messages transmitted on one phase (leg) of the electrical system and strongly repeating them on to the other phases (legs) to ensure proper communication.  The Three-Phase Repeater is perfect for 3-phase environments including offices, condominiums, and additional small businesses and medium density apartments.

HAI’s Split-Phase Repeater and Three-Phase Repeater are now shipping and available at Home Controls! Read more »

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