Good Bugs to Have Around

mantis I’m not not talkin’ about lady bugs, praying mantises, or bumble bees, but the bugs, water bugs, to be exact, from Winland Electronics.  The Winland water bugs are water and moisture detectors, and they are hard-wired to a console that produces an output. The output can then be used to trigger devices such as a security panel, voice dialer, or a water shut-off valve.

There are two types of water bugs, a surface sensor and an under-the-carpet sensor.  Up to six sensors of WLWB200either type can be used, and 2-conductor, 18-24 gauge wire, with cable runs of up to a hundred feet are no problem. Both sensors can be used with either of two available consoles.  The WLWB200 kit requires a 12 VDC power supply and has a Form C relay, and the WLWB350 kit operates on a 9 VDC battery (not included) and has an open collector output.  Both kits come with one surface sensor.  Unsure of what an open collector is? Then go with the WLWB200, it’ll be easier to hook up, or, read my write ups on that subject, articles can be found  here and here.

Here are two products that can be triggered by the water bug consoles.  First is a voice dialer, SEE920A.  You can program up to four telephone numbers to notify you when a leak is detected, and the second is a water shut-off valve, ELKWSV. When the bug and console detects moisture, 12 VDC is applied to the appropriate lead of the valve connected to the main water supply, thus closing the valve, minimizing the amount of water damage.

Get peace of mind knowing that you’ve got these bugs on your side.

Author: Home Controls

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