Do-it-yourselfer’s beware, don’t try this at home.

When a Nampa Idaho man made do it yourself modifications to his natural gas piping under his home the results were truly explosive.

September 21, 2009 Boise, Idaho – A man in Nampa Idaho made do it yourself modifications to his natural gas piping under his home and his home is now completely destroyed and he is recovering in the hospital with third degree burns.

The local gas utility company and fire department officials in Idaho reported that the homeowner apparently made repairs or modified his natural gas piping under his home in the crawl space. It was reported that his natural gas usage increased five fold in the days leading up to the home explosion.

While natural gas does not have any odor the gas utilities add odor before it is delivered to their customers and why this homeowner did not smell the gas in his home prior to the explosion is not clear. Only a small portion of this home remains standing and most of the home and it’s contents are in the neighbor’s yards and streets now. Truly amazing that he survived this explosion inside his home.

There is no code or law against any homeowners working on their own gas piping in their home in Idaho as in many states but there are specific codes and rules to follow. Ameri-Serv, Inc. Heating and Cooling recommends that homeowners get professional help when repairing or modifying their gas piping. If the homeowner does it themselves it is strongly recommended that the gas piping be pressure tested with air prior to allowing it to be placed back into service.

However, you can damage your home appliances if you do not perform the pressure test correctly. Terek Worley with Ameri-Serv, Inc. indicates that “If you are not sure how to pressure test your gas piping without damaging your appliances then you should call a professional to make sure you are not at risk.”

With today’s economic situation it is understandable that homeowners are doing more repairs to their homes. Ameri-Serv, Inc. Heating and Cooling wants the do it yourselfers to be extra careful when repairing or modifying their gas piping and not take unnecessary chances with their family and their home. Call a professional, gas piping repairs and modifications are not that expensive and having the assurance of the job done right is well worth the investment.

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