Crestron Standard Room Box CNXRMC

Crestron room solution boxes are designed to provide a convenient one-box signal interface solution for the connection and control of local room AV devices as part of a complete Crestron Home® AV distribution system. The CNXRMC is specifically designed as a CAT5 video receiver and control interface, providing baseband outputs for composite, S-Video, and high-definition component video signals, plus a variety of IR and serial control ports. The compact CNXRMC normally installs at the display device (television, plasma, etc.) location and connects to the head end by just one CAT5E cable and one Cresnet cable (available as CresCAT®, sold separately). Crestron’s CAT5 video distribution technology permits cable lengths up to 750 feet (500 feet for component video).

Crestron room solution boxes are designed to provide maximum flexibility through the use of CAT5 balanced technology. The CAT5 video input port on the CNXRMC receives up to four simultaneous signals based upon the selected head end source. For instance, a component signal utilizes the first, second, and third pairs to transmit the Y, Pb, and Pr components. Switching to an S-Video signal then utilizes just the first and second pairs to transmit S-Video’s Y and C components. Composite utilizes only the first CAT5 pair. The fourth pair is ordinarily intended for digital audio.

Used with the CNX-PVID8X3 or CNX-PVID8X4 video distribution switchers, the CNXRMC automatically routes the incoming video signals to the appropriate inputs on the display device allowing the viewer to select any head end video source using a touchpanel, keypad, or handheld remote. Operation is transparent to the end-user with all switching occurring smoothly under the command of the control system.

For most applications using the CNXRMC, the accompanying audio signal is distributed to room loudspeakers using a Crestron audio distribution processor and amplifier.
Crestron Standard Room Box CNXRMC

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