New energy efficient lighting options

I ran across a company last week called MaxLite. They had some extremely cool new lighting products that could be very applicable to the industrial and commercial electrical supplies market. I want to say upfront that I have not seen any of these products in a working environment, but I have seen the products work in a demo situation.

First, Maxlite has a high lumen CFL (compact fluorescent) for use as a field replacement for metal halide lamps all the way up to 400w (yes, 400w!). How it works is you replace the 175, 250, or 400w HID lamp with the high lumen CFL. The CFL typically seems to run about half the watts as the HID lamp. You bypass the HID ballast inside the ballast housing and, BAM, you have cut your watts in half without replacing the fixture.

Seems to good to be true huh? It seems very intriguing but there are a few things to consider. First, the lamp life is rated around 10,000 hrs. This is pretty low compared to HID or the other option of replacing the entire fixture with 46,000hr T8’s. Also the temperature rating is around 100 or 120 deg F which will be an issue in some areas and applications.

They did a very nice design with an integral heatsink and cooling fan, but be sure to consider the worst case temperature when looking at this. I think this could be a viable option for some circumstances, just be sure to look at all the application angles. T8 and T5 linear high bays or even 320w metal halide with pulse start will probably be a better choice for most applications, but this could be a fit for some.

They also have some other neat products, LED PAR replacements, LED light bars and my favorite…… a 2×4 LED lay-in fixture. This is the first LED 2×4 I have personally seen that works. It is not a bunch of LED’s formed to fit in T8 lamp sockets like some others have tried, it is an actual flat array of LED’s. Also, the profile is very, very slim, which is great for retrofit applications. The light output seemed adequate and the color seemed fine too.

The price is up there for the 2×4 and also the 2×2 (yes, they have a 2×2). They are probably selling in the field for around $600 for a 2×4. I’m not sure how many will be sold at that price, but it is an interesting option for those that are hooked on LED’s. Be sure to check them out or call your local lighting distributor for info.

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LED area site lighting

I wanted to post a brief article on LED area site lighting to give an idea of where the concept is at and where it seems to be going. Currently, parking areas and outdoor site lighting is performed mostly with HID lighting. Both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamps are used. With trying to get average and minimum foot candles for projects, you get a variation in foot candles that can cause areas of too much light, areas with shadowing and even light spillage/trespass. Lighting designer engineers and manufacturer’s have done a good job with HID lighting but have pretty much hit the point where there is not more room for improvement due to the fixture and reflectors can’t get much more efficient with the light distribution.

This is where the power of LED’s comes into play. Sure it’s more energy efficient, but it’s in the ability to control the angle and direction of each LED in the array of an LED fixture that gives the major benefit. Why so? By controlling the angle, the variation of foot candles can be much lower overall than traditional methods and you can then base the lighting levels based on minimums instead the average. With LED site lighting you will get less shadowing, trespass, conserve light, and probably use less fixtures. The color rendering is better as well which is great for security.

The major players that seem to be emerging are Beta, GE, and Kim. Be on the lookout over the next 3 to 4 years in the industrial electrical products market to see more breakthroughs in LED site lighting!

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Digital & Addressable Lighting Control at Indoor Games Hall

Digital and Addressable Lighting Control at Kowloon Bay Indoor
Games Hall

Prepared by Martin Wu Kwok-tin
Energy Efficiency Office, Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, Hong Kong Government

Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) was developed to overcome the problems associated with the analogue 1-10V control interface for dimming of electronic ballasts. DALI is a new international standard (Annex E under IEC 60929) that guarantees the exchangeability of dimmable electronic ballasts from different manufacturers. It provides a simple and digital way of communication among intelligent components in a local system in a way that that is free of interference.

The new T5 DALI lighting system has now been operating smoothly for more than a year. The management staff of KBIGH commented favourably in the new lighting system. They indicated that it offers a number of advantages – adjustable lighting level, ability to provide lighting to individual badminton courts, a more comfortable visual environment, and considerable savings in electricity expenditure.

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Digital & Addressable Lighting Control at Indoor Games Hall

Obviously, high bay lighting using high output T5 lamps and luminaries was proved to be more energy efficient and had better visual performance than HID lamps. We are optimistic that high output T5 lamps could replace conventional high bay lighting using HID lamps in the very near future in most application with high ceiling level including sport halls, warehouses, plant rooms, exhibition halls, etc.

More Sports Halls Lighting Design Reference:

Lighting Design Sourcebook: 600 Solutions for Residential and Commercial Spaces

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Energy Performance

Supplemented by the advance in digital lighting control system like DALI, the T5 lighting system could also be designed to suit various dimming and functional requirements in commercial buildings via Central Control and Monitoring Systems. Optimisation of energy consumption could also be achieved by automatic dimming and switching by local daylight and occupancy sensors. Wiring cost could be reduced as both power and control wirings to individual luminaire could be connected via multiple busbars to both LV lighting circuits and building control network. Each luminaire is individually addressed and programmed to its designated lighting group, scene and switch settings. Future modification in lighting arrangements could simply be made in a computer terminal.

DALI – An Emerging Energy-Conserving Lighting Solution

The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) : An Emerging Energy-Conserving Lighting Solution

by Odile Ronat, International Rectifier

Digitally controlled dimming of lighting is emerging as a key energy savings system in Europe and spreading to the rest of the world. The key drivers are energy shortages, increased energy costs, and environmental concerns. The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) standard is emerging as the preferred fluorescent controlling method due to its many advantages.

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DALI – An Emerging Energy-Conserving Lighting Solution

Why DALI is Needed

Increased energy demand has been driven by an explosion in information technology and unprecedented economic growth over the past few years. The supply of energy has not increased with demand in many areas, especially in rapidly growing economies. This has led to daily outages in some areas. Europe has a strong public and government environmental awareness of the need for energy conservation. European public policies that promote conservation, including higher energy taxes, have led to high energy costs.

DALI refeerence for interior designers:

Environmentally Responsible Design: Green and Sustainable Design for Interior Designers

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DALI controls enable increased productivity by making lighting an active part of the work environment, deliver a 20 to 30 percent reduction in energy use, reduce maintenance costs, and improves building aesthetics.

DALI provides significant advantages over existing analog control systems including:

  • Two-way communications for obtaining operating status and performance of luminaries. This ability to generate reports showing location of failed lamps and additional fixture performance items helps reduce maintenance and energy costs.
  • Individual fixture addressing of up to 64 addresses provides cost-effective control of individual fixtures and allows re-configuring space lighting groups without re-wiring.
  • With 16 programmable scenes and groups stored in the ballast, the user can define lighting scenes based on occupant tasks while groups provide the ability to control individual fixtures included in multiple control zones.
  • Control compatibility across multiple suppliers letting users to mex and match and obtain consistent control operation.
  • Simple control wiring allowing maximum flexibility, ease of installation, and convenience

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