Over recent years, the need for independent management of the Testing and Commissioning works has been recognized and is increasingly seen as an effective approach to quality project delivery.

XINCA Tech Services Limited is a specialist contractor incorporated in Hong Kong on testing and commissioning services of commercial building controls systems. We have decades of field experience on:

  • HVAC controls
  • DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) & Intelligent Lighting Control Systems
  • Intelligent Building Automation Systems 
  • Integrated Security Systems & Access Controls
  • Addressable Smoke Detection & Fire Alarm Systems
  • Public Address Systems

Currently we are supporting projects in Great China region (China, Taiwan, Macau & Hong Kong).

About the web site

This web site is used as an information depositary on HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning), ELV Systems (Extra Low Voltage), Interior Design & Energy Savers references. Most data presented on this site are collected from online public domains. Much of them are making references to our engineering and project management work. We hope you will find those information useful and helpful to your work as well.

Advertising on XINCA.com

We charge only a flat low monthly rate to advertise your 125×125 banners. The fee goes very much to subsidize this web hosting and some content management fee. Contact us for details:

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